Overseas Visitors Cover Pricing.

Relocating to Australia? Here's a quick overview of our pricing options for working or non-working visa holders.

Remember - join online and you'll receive your letter of visa compliance instantly by email upon confirming your application (available for all levels of cover except Visitor Saver). Plus - when you choose to pay on an annual basis, you'll also enjoy an ongoing 4% annual discount (a potential saving of up to $200 per year!).

Working Visa Cover Cover starts from
Basic Working Visa $69.00 per month
Essentials Working Visa $92.10 per month
Intermediate Working Visa $105.10 per month
Comprehensive Working Visa ($500 excess) $184.60 per month
Comprehensive Working Visa $218.60 per month
Non-Working / Tourist Visa Cover Cover starts from
Visitor Saver $263.25 per quarter
Visitor Value $347.70 per quarter

Please note:
The pricing above is based on a single  policy in WA . Prices may vary for other states and territories. This pricing is correct as of 1 Feb 2017.
Working Visa Coven can be paid for on a monthly, quarterly, six monthly or annual basis.
Non-working Visa Cover can be paid on a quarterly, six monthly or annual basis.

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