Overseas Visitors Cover Waiting Periods.

Waiting periods are the time you need to be a member of a health fund before you can claim a benefit. They’re there to protect the fund and its existing members from people who simply join a fund to make a big claim, only to cancel their membership afterwards.

Overseas Visitors hospital and medical cover waiting periods.

  • 2 months: Psychiatric, rehabilitation and palliative care, regardless of whether or not the condition is pre-existing. 
  • 12 months: All obstetric related services, and all treatment relating to a pre-existing ailment or condition.
* A Pre-existing Ailment (PEA) is an ailment, condition or illness where the signs and symptoms, in the opinion of a HIF appointed medical practitioner, existed at any time in the six months prior to joining HIF - even if you were not aware of it. As with all Australian health funds, you are required to wait 12 months before claiming on any pre-existing condition.

Extras cover waiting periods

  Saver Special Super Premium Waiting Perdiod
Ambulance 2 months
Auxiliary Home Nursing 2 months
Asthmatic Spacers 2 months
Chiropractic 2 months
Complementary Therapies, including:
    - Acupuncture
    - Homeopathy
    - Myotherapy
    - Naturopathy
    - Remedial massage
    - Traditional Chinese Medicine
2 months
Dental - General Unlimited 2 months
Diabetes Education 2 months
Dietetics 2 months
Healthy Lifestyle, including:
    - Exercise physiology
    - Health assessments
    - Health management programs    
    - Pilates*
    - Quit smoking plans
    - Skin cancer screenings
    - Weight loss programs
2 months
Occupational Therapy 2 months
Optical 2 months
Orthoptics (Eye Therapy) 2 months
Osteopathy 2 months
Peak-flow Meter 2 months
Pharmacy Drugs 2 months
Physiotherapy 2 months
Podiatry Consultations 2 months
Speech Therapy 2 months
Dental - General Limited* Up to 12 months
Blood Glucose/Pressure Monitor 12 months
Dental - Major 12 months
Nebuliser/Humidifier 12 months
Orthotic Appliances 12 months
Psychological Consultations 12 months
Assisted Reproduction Drugs 36 months
Hearing Aids 36 months

* Benefits are payable on Yoga and Pilates under our Healthy Lifestyle program when delivered as a part of a health program by a HIF recognised gym.  

  • To view the full Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), please visit the forms and brochures page
  • For items or services not listed in the above table, please contact us for details on coverage
  • Please contact HIF before commencing treatment with full details of the necessary dental service as provided by the dentist and we will provide you with an estimate of your refund.