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Welcome to Australia,
and our affordable overseas visitors cover.

If you're visiting Australia (or even better, migrating), then we’re guessing overseas visitors health insurance cover is the last thing you want to think about. Why research private health insurance when there’s so much more interesting stuff to look forward to down under, right? That’s why we’ve made organising health cover as easy and affordable as possible for international visitors. 

 HIF overseas visitors cover options

Understanding the Australian health system.

So you’re planning to head ‘down under’. Good for you! Whether you’re going on holiday, visiting relatives or even intending to work there for a while, we know you’ll have a great time. And hopefully, your stay will be accident and illness free too. But just in case the worst does happen, private health insurance is worth considering...

Member Testimonial - Overseas Visitors Cover

Meet Jonny, 33. Jonny recently moved to Perth from the UK and purchased Intermediate Working Visa Cover and Saver Options. Read on to find out more about his health insurance experiences so far, and why he's a fan of HIF.

How to Claim

Making a health insurance claim at HIF is as easy as falling off a log (only far less painful). In fact, the toughest bit is choosing from our host of convenient ways to make your claim – via our SmartClaim mobile app, by email, by fax or instantly with eClaiming for Extras services. In any case, it’s quick and easy. You’ll have your rebate in no time (and we offer some of the most competitive benefits in Australia).

Forms and Brochures

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