Has the Boot Been Put Into Boot Camps?


Matt Fuller

Over the past few months I’ve noticed a massive decline in boot camps across Perth. When I’ve asked regular clients and friends whom I know have previously participated in boot camp style training why this has changed, the common feedback I received was that it was:

  • too hard
  • too aggressive
  • too intimidating; and
  • the trainer yells too much.


Have boot camps just become another past exercise fad? Or, have we just become too soft mentally and physically and are therefore already looking for the next new fad to stimulate and challenge us?

With the evolution of exercise, there is now more than ever, a vast array of different exercise programs and classes that we can participate in. As a society we have become more health focussed and I think it’s great that more people are exercising on a regular basis.

My own view and opinion of boot camps is that a bigger brother has stepped in and taken over. By this I mean CrossFit. CrossFit has exploded worldwide and if you talk of intimidation and a too hard, aggressive style of training, we all better just give up and become sedentary because this sport and style of training has taken the above to a whole new level.

Now with any training, certain programs have their pros and cons. For me, any exercise performed correctly in a safe environment has to be beneficial to our overall wellbeing.

Recently I took my wife to support a friend in a cross fit competition and to have a look first-hand at what the fuss is all about. Just as well I am not an insecure person because there were a lot of fit bodies everywhere, especially men with bulging muscles walking around with their shirts off, obviously very proud of themselves. And so they should be. I think when it comes to exercise some of us create roadblocks as to why we shouldn’t exercise or we simply just walk away from looking after ourselves. When you break exercise down it becomes:

  • discipline
  • consistency
  • enjoyment.

Now I’m not saying we all have to train hard core or be walking around ripped – the message I’m trying to convey is don’t be insecure and don’t be intimidated by other people in any training environment. Concentrate and focus only on your own needs, wants and goals to improve yourself physically and mentally.

Fitness and fads will always evolve, but don’t be discouraged. Fitness becomes a mindset and if you enjoy what you do exercise will never be a chore. Try new exercise routines, it may be as simple as taking a new class that is a different challenge or training in new environment that takes you out of your comfort zone. But remember most importantly, be confident, believe in yourself and enjoy what you do.

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