How Does a Fitness Expert Celebrate their Birthday?


Brian Killian

A funny thing happened the other day, I gained a year of my life, and so did my best friend! You see just recently it was my birthday and as a few of my clients knew it was close, the topic of how old I was turning was raised. Whenever asked ‘how old you going to be Brian?’ I would confidently and quickly advise ‘48 this birthday’.

Now usually I don’t give my age much attention but getting within 2 years of turning 50 had a significant impact. It is not a fear of death that was scaring me, it was more a fear of not getting everything done before I go which was troubling me.

As have many people, after watching the very funny movie The Bucket List, feeling inspired I sat down and crafted my own list of incredible and wonderful things to do before the inevitable. Unfortunately my enthusiasm lasted about as long as it took to write the list and it has sat lonely and unattended ever since.

With my birthday fast approaching this was about to change. It was time for some action. First step ring my oldest friend Tim and organise to go shark diving. I knew he’d be keen (he’s that friend that is up for everything) so I rang him with the exciting news. It wasn’t until halfway through our animated conversation about how we both were going to be 48, times running out, we got to get our life in order, get things done etc, etc that my wife rudely interrupted us with “Brian you’re only turning 47 not 48”.

What a fantastic birthday present, a bonus year!

The lovely team at HIF thought it might be fun to let you in on what a Brian birthday is like, so here goes...

  • 12:30 am: Pick up 16 year old son, James, from working at local pub. He is excited to be the first to give his ‘old man’ birthday wishes and presents me with a box of Coco Pops breakfast cereal as a gift. A weird birthday tradition we have in our house where your favourite cereal is presented as a gift. For the record, Coco Pops are not a good choice for breakfast generally.

  • 5:30 am: Alarm goes off and wakes 3 year old Harry, who has incredibly remembered it is his Dad’s birthday and wants to light candles. Mum not that keen to get the party started and Harry gets into bed with her while I head to shower.

  • 6:30 am:  Super Saturday in the park. Our usual bnatural Group Fitness session is well attended with plenty of banter in between sweat. Here’s a few examples of the type of training we get up to at a session.

  • Warm Up
  • Resistance
  • HIIT


  • 1:30 pm: Arrive home from work and proceed to taxi 13 year old daughter, Ella, two of her friends and Harry to netball match. GPS sends us around the country, 13 year old girls not handling the journey well with tension in car very high. We eventually arrive at court with minutes to spare. Starving hungry by this stage with no time for lunch, Harry and I head to the local BBQ for a soggy steak sandwich and burnt sausage.

  • 3:30 pm: Home and all is well. Gift giving! My wife loves to give presents and much work and energy is directed towards the process. As usual I have been completely spoiled with things I didn’t even think I needed but now couldn’t do without. Much fun! Harry opens all presents and is on hunt for candles.

  • 6:00 pm: Family arrives. Being one of 4 boys and at 6ft 1 the smallest by several inches, our house gets crowded very quickly when my brothers arrive. Throw in nephews, nieces, girlfriends (not mine), my Mum and in-laws it is an instant party. Fortunately we all get along famously and akin to our Irish heritage we all love music, laughter and fun. It was a great night and I feel blessed to be surrounded by such a loving family. Harry finally gets to blow out candles, birthday song sang 3 times with candles blown each time (yes he is spoilt)

  • 11:00 pm: All guests are gone, kids are asleep. Peace at last. I look over with anticipation to my beautiful wife, she catches my eye, reads my vibe and responds 'not a chance

Wishing you great health and much happiness,

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