Should You Train When You’re Sore?


Brian Killian

As a trainer I often get asked, how do you keep your motivation year in year out especially after setting goals to complete a charity fun run, swim or bike ride event?

A lot of fit people will often tell you that being fit is more about having a positive, healthy lifestyle. I agree to a certain extent, although vanity does play its part, but whatever motivates you, right? When you’re moving you’re burning calories. I love the feeling I get from a workout and the satisfaction of pushing myself to train, even when at times I don’t feel like it. Motivation is all around us, all you have to do is tune in and find what it is that makes you tick. 

My body after rugby league is not the best at times, playing a contact sport has left me with a lot of aches and pains, so for me, I need and want to keep moving, or I think my body will seize up. I also feel blessed that I have two healthy, active children. They keep me motivated to stay fit and strong for them. Playing in the park or catching waves at the beach is a favourite pastime of ours. Setting an active, positive example for your children has huge person gains in itself in more ways than one. It will also teach your children how to condition themselves to stay motivated and keep on the health and fitness path as they grow. 

Being a personal trainer motivates me to help others and to assist them in reaching their own fitness and lifestyle goals. Busy working people regularly tell me they don’t have the time to exercise (not an excuse in my book) and my advice back to them has never changed – all you need to do is put the same amount of time and energy into yourself as you would a client or winning a sale. It really is as simple as making an appointment to train and sticking to it. Even if you can only schedule a couple of times a week, the benefits to your physical and mental health and wellbeing are huge.

For people that find the gym a chore, cross train by mixing your routines up between cardio and resistance workouts and be sure to change your workout often to avoid becoming bored. Group classes are a fantastic way to get yourself motivated, and an energetic instructor with a class full of people feeding off each other’s energy is great way to get fit while keeping yourself motivated to continue. 

But my best secret is this - if you know a heathy, positive, fit person attach yourself to their hip and look, listen, learn and be inspired.  You might well be surprised to learn most fitness fanatics love to have a training buddy, so ask if you can work out with them, but don’t whinge, complain or trouble them with your problems or you’ll be back struggling on your own in no time. 

So to keep yourself motivated set daily and weekly goals to achieve. As you become more confident with your workouts you will begin to enjoy them more and you’ll be feeling great in no time and never look back.

Wishing you great health and much happiness,

Important: This article is general advice only. For further advice or information on this topic, please consult your health professional.

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