Interview with 2014 HIF Clip of the Season Winner Todd Rosewall

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Last year you won the HIF Clip of the Season with a double barrel at a well known wave. Tell us about that session and how the clip came about? It was just a classic winter day at Winki, 3-5ft, light offshore and not too many out. To be honest I had no idea that Ron Hurst was filming and didn’t even see the clip until he entered it in the competition. I was shocked but obviously super happy it was captured! 

The top few waves last year were barrels, what do you think it will take this year to win? At the end of the day we all surf to get barreled, so in my eyes a good tube should take the win. However a crazy combo will always be a contender. 

Is there extra incentive this year to get a good clip with the competition going national? There is definitely more incentive to get a solid clip with the competition going national. Especially with the prize purse that’s on offer. 

There has been some decent swell hitting Victoria over the last week, have you been able to put in any time out in the water? The swell has been non stop down here in Vic the last few weeks and I’ve certainly had my fair share of it, fingers crossed I got a couple of clips out of it…

Todd's winning wave 


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