Shopping for glasses, contacts or prescription sunnies? We've got you covered.

With HIF optical cover, you can spend your annual limit however you choose and claiming is quick and easy. We've even locked in a range of bonus member discounts, helping you save up to 25% before you even need to claim!


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1Price is based on a single policy in Western Australia with a 24.608% Australian Government Rebate on private health insurance.

**Please read carefully and in conjunction with product factsheets


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Optical cover that's a sight for sore eyes.

Learn more about eye tests and optical insurance.

Let's start with eye tests. If you hold a Medicare card, you're entitled to a free eye examination every two years. Most optometrists bulk bill (meaning you won't need to pay anything up front), otherwise you can claim back 85% of the fee at your local Medicare branch.

If your test results show that you need glasses or contact lenses, that's where your Extras Cover comes in.

With HIF, you can claim 100% of your annual limit on whatever optical items you need, whether it's spectacles, contact lenses or prescription sunglasses (the only things we don't cover are tinting, coating and grinding). 

And because we don't have 'participating provider' schemes like some funds do, you're free to purchase your optical items from any provider in Australia.

We do have heaps of bonus discounts locked in with a huge range of high street and online providers though, saving you up to 25% in some cases - and that's before you've even made a claim!

Check out these bonus optical discounts exclusively for HIF members.

Whether you're a savvy online shopper or real-life retail therapy lover, we've got you covered. Check out the bonus savings and discounts below and you'll be sure to find a deal that suits your optical needs and budget.

IN-STORE - Optical Discounts on the High Street

If you currently hold Saver, Special, Super or Premium Extras cover with HIF, you can visit one of these high street retailers today and access the following exclusive member discounts with a simple flash of your HIF member card. Even better, you'll still receive the maximum benefit available on the remaining amount payable after your discount has been deducted.

Luxottica Group (OPSM & Laubman and Pank)

  • 20% off lenses and lens add-ons
  • 15% off non-prescription sunglasses
  • 10% off contact lenses purchased in store.
  • 5% off + free delivery on contact lenses from OPSM Direct  
  • Eye test bulk billed to Medicare 


  • 25% discount on one pair of complete glasses (e.g. frame and lenses) from the $149 range or above.
  • 20% discounts on optical extras (including Suntint and UV Filter, Polaroid lenses, Transitions lenses, Driving tints, Drivewear lenses, Thin and Light lenses)
  • Free Digital Retinal Photography
  • Free contact lens assessment, fitting and trial (no discount on contact lens purchases)
  • Eye test bulk billed to Medicare 


  • 20% discount on complete glasses (e.g. frame and lenses)
  • 15% discount on lenses only
  • 10% discount on contact lenses

Please note: The above discounts only apply to items purchased in brick-and-mortar optical stores. They do not apply to items purchased online. Only HIF members who hold an Extras product are eligible for these discounts.

ONLINE - Optical Stores, Savings and Special Offers

We love making life easier for our members. That's why HIF members can now buy prescription lenses, frames and contact lenses at potentially lower prices through the following online retail outlets. Rest assured that you'll still receive the maximum benefit available on your current level of Extras cover too. 

Want to maximise your optical benefit?

Here's an example of how you can...

Millie has held HIF Super Options Extras Cover for five years, so her optical annual limit is $325 a year. She visits Specsavers for a free eye-test (covered by Medicare) and learns that she needs glasses. She chooses a pair of designer frames and lenses priced at $250 and immediately receives a bonus 25% discount for being an HIF member, bringing the cost down to $187.50.

She swipes her HIF membership card through the store's eClaiming terminal and we process her benefits on the spot, covering 100% of the fee. Millie then has $137.50 remaining to put towards other optical items for the remainder of the year. 

The following week, Millie decides to purchase some contact lenses from and enters the promo-code "HIF" at the checkout, giving her a bonus 20% discount and free shipping on purchases of $99+. She purchases $170 worth of contacts, which is reduced by $34 thanks to her HIF discount. Millie pays for the order in full, then photographs her receipt and lodges a claim through our SmartClaim mobile app. 

She receives her $136 benefit back in her bank account a few days later, and still has $1.50 remaining in her optical annual limit! 

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