A different approach to improving mental health outcomes.

We care about your mental health, and we understand that finding the right path can often seem overwhelming. That's where the Mental Health Navigator can help. It provides access to a network of leading Australian-based clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and mental health nurses who will review your current condition (and when needed) modify your diagnosis.

How does it work?

How to access Mental Health Navigator?

Start a case: Simply call the Mental Health Navigator hotline on 1800 830 082 to get started. The team will allocate a dedicated Mental Health Nurse to you who'll get in touch (via phone or video conferencing) to support and guide you through the program. 

Collect: The Best Doctors team will gather your medical history and complete a clinical summary.

Review: Your assigned expert team (consisting of a world-renowned psychiatrist and psychologist) will review your case and provide their recommendations. Your nurse will send this report to you and get in touch to discuss the findings and next steps. This report will also be shared with your GP so they have a full understanding of your situation. 

Report & Support: Best Doctors will then deliver a customised, detailed report with recommendations on your health path moving forward. Your nurse will also provide clear steps on how to implement the treatment program and provide you with ongoing support and guidance to ensure you stick to the plan.

Frequently asked questions.

Who can access Mental Health Navigator?

Mental Health Navigator is a free service for all HIF members 18 years or older, no matter your level of cover, during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

How can I access Mental Health Navigator?

If you're an HIF member simply call the Mental Health Navigator hotline on 1800 830 082 between 9am and 5pm (EST) Monday to Friday.

     What type of results can be expected?

    A case study by the Best Doctors team (July 2020) showed: 

    • 90% received an alternative treatment recommendation 
    • 60% reduction in the severity of anxiety symptoms* 
    • 47% reduction in the severity of stress symptoms* 
    • 68% reduction in the severity of depression symptoms* 

    * reduction between start (intake) and final (3-month follow up) 

    Do you have any case studies available so I can see how the service works?

    Absolutely! Here's three for starters...

    Helping Jack get his life back on track: Jack suffered from anxiety and depression for 20 years, but was never formally assessed or diagnosed. His symptoms caused issues at work. Best Doctors were able to help Jack by providing an in depth mental health assessment and diagnosis. They recommended Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), including mindfulness practice. Since using Mental Health Navigator and connecting with a mental health specialist, Jack is back working full time and functioning well at both work and home and he's off performance management.

    Reviewing Nadia's chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis: For the past two years Nadia has been experiencing low moods, lack of energy, poor sleep and had been ''getting little pleasure from anything''. Her GP was unable to provide a clear diagnosis and suggested Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) diagnosis. She underwent tests and treatment for CFS, but experienced no improvement in symptoms. Nadia continued to struggle with her symptoms which affected her productivity at work and resulted in her taking time off work. She contacted Best Doctors who reviewed her diagnosis - they believed it was likely due to a combination of depression and anxiety. She was referred to Mental Health Navigator and after a detailed tele-health assessment by a clinical psychologist and psychiatrist she had a new diagnosis of Major Depressive disorder with anxiety. Following the recommended treatment plan, Nadia's symptoms have greatly improved - she’s back at work full time in a new role she enjoys.

    Enabling Shane to get back to his business: Shane's suffered from bouts of depression which worsened recently. He contacted Mental Health Navigator for a detailed assessment. Following his specialists recommendation, Shane has switched to a new medication and treatment plan, including acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). The fantastic news is that Shane is back to work in his own business - exercising and eating healthy again.

        Are there any waiting periods?

        None. Once you become an HIF Member you're eligible to access the Mental Health Navigator. If you'd like to become a member simply join online today or if you'd prefer to speak to one of our consultants in person, email sales@hif.com.au or phone us on 1300 134 060 and we'll be happy to assist.