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When it comes to your mental health, all you want if relief. Finding the right path to relief can be overwhelming. You now have access to Mental Health Navigator by Best Doctors, a confidential service offered by HIF at no cost to you. Mental Health Navigator will guide you down the right path and help you navigate the often complex mental healthcare system, putting relief where it should be - within reach. Mental Health Navigator is a complementary service for HIF members who have Gold Star Hospital, Silver Plus Hospital or Premium Options Extras cover.

Simply call the dedicated HIF Mental Health Navigator hotline to Second Opinion on 1800 830 082 to get started. When you call, the Best Doctors you'll be allocated a dedicated Mental Health Advocate who'll support and guide you through the program. Leading mental health experts will meet with you via video call, making it easier and more convenient for you to understand what is driving your symptoms and how to best control them. You'll then have a detailed assessment via a video call with the with the psychologist and psychiatrist who'll write up a report detailing their findings.  Your nurse will send you the report and call you to discuss the findings and next steps. The report is also shared with your GP so they have a full understanding of your situation. The Best Doctors nurse will also  provide you with clear steps to implement the treatment program and provide you with ongoing support and guidance to ensure you sticks to the plan and get on the road to recovery.

Helping improve work and daily life functionality.

Best Doctors Mental Health Navigator program provides virtual access to a cross functional team of leading psychologists and psychiatrists in Australia. These professionals assess members facing a mental health condition to ensure they have the right diagnosis and treatment plan all from the comfort of your own home. It offers a discreet, quick and confidential way to seek help if you or a family member is experiencing a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety. Mental Health Navigator is a complementary service for HIF members who have Gold Star Hospital, Silver Plus Hospital or Premium Options Extras cover. Simply call 1800 830 082 the dedicated hotline to start a free review today.

Mental Health Navigator helps people who:

  • Struggle with stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Are unsure about a diagnosis for a mental health condition
  • Have a mental health issue but do not see a mental health professional
  • Need help understanding their mental health condition

The Mental Health Navigator program achieves improved outcomes by:

  • Having mental healthcare experts review and, when needed, modify diagnoses and treatment plans made by primary care providers 
  • Providing members with a customised action plan that includes linking them with the best resources for their care
  • Coordinating with general practitioners, ensuring consistency of care
  • Providing support for members as they navigate the mental healthcare system

Frequently asked questions.

Why is Mental Health Navigator so important? 

Only 54% of people with a mental illness seek help and of those 61% are being treated by GP’s. Mental Health Navigator by Best Doctors improves
mental health outcomes by breaking down barriers and providing discreet and easy access to a team of multidiscipline mental health experts tailored to the patients condition. Leading psychologists and psychiatrists review and modify the diagnosis in 75% of cases and treatment in 90% plans generally made by GPs, leading patients down the right path to improved mental health and function. 

How best to access Mental Health Navigator

Call the Mental Health Navigator hotline to Second Opinion on 1800 830 082.

Who has access to Mental Health Navigator?

HIF members who have Gold Star Hospital, Silver Plus Hospital or Premium Options Extras cover can access Mental Health Navigator at no cost.

Do you have any case studies available so I can see how the service works?

Absolutely! Here are three for starters...

  • Helping Jack get his life back on track: Suffered from anxiety and depression for 20 years but was never formally assessed or diagnosed. His symptoms caused issues at work.The treatment for David’s rheumatoid arthritis was causing his body to waste away. Best Doctors were able to help Jack by providing an in depth mental health assessment and diagnosis. They recommended Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), including mindfulness practice. Since using Mental Health Navigator and connecting with a mental health specialist, Jack is back working full time and functioning well at both work and home and he's off performance management.
  • Reviewing Nadia's chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis:  For the past two years Nadia has been experiencing low moods, lack of energy, poor sleep and has been ''getting little pleasure from anything''. Her GP was unable to provide a clear diagnosis and suggested chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) diagnosis. She underwent tests and treatment for CFS but experiences no improvement in symptoms. Nadia continued to struggle with her symptoms which affected her productivity at work and resulted in her taking time off work. She contacted Best Doctors who reviewed her diagnosis - they believed it was likely due to a combination of depression and anxiety.  She was referred to Mental Health Navigator and after a detailed tele-health assessment by a clinical psychologist and psychiatrist resulted in a new diagnosis of Major Depressive disorder with anxiety. Following the recommended treatment plan, Nadia's symptoms have greatly improved - she’s back at work full time in a new role she enjoys.
  • Enabling Shane to get back to his business: Shane's suffered from bouts of depression which worsened recently. He contacted Mental Health Navigator for a detailed assessment. Following his specialists recommendation, Shane has switched to a new medication and treatment plan, including acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). The fantastic news is that Shane is back to work in his own business - exercising and eating healthy again.

5 Most common diagnoses.

  1. Generalized anxiety disorder
  2. Major depressive disorder
  3. Adjustment disorder
  4. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  5. Panic disorder

People who should access Mental Health Navigator.

  1. Never spoken with healthcare professional about mental health symptoms
  2. Already have a diagnosis and their symptoms are not getting better
  3. Would like a review of their current treatment
  4. Experiencing  stress in the workplace and just not coping
  5. Chronically unwell



How Does the HIF Mental Health Navigator Work

Best Doctors explain how this confidential and incredible service works.