How do I make a claim for family members using SmartClaim?

It's easy! Simply follow the step by step instructions below:

  • Type the primary member's basic details into the "Membership Details fields" (e.g. John Appleseed)

  • Select the "Others Covered" tab (see screenshot below)

  • Enter the name of the family member who received the treatment into the "Add New Name" field;

  • Select "Add" and our app will automatically add their name to the "My Family" section

  • Tap the "Back" button which will return you to our app home screen<

  • Ensure that the "Patient First Name" row is complete with the name of the member who received the treatment

  • Then simply submit your claim.




SmartClaim Terms of Use

When using SmartClaim, please bear in mind that:

  • Incomplete or illegible photographs of invoices and other accounts will be rejected until an acceptable replacement is provided;

  • SmartClaim can only be used for Extras claims, not hospital or medical claims;

  • Provider invoices must be paid in full prior to lodging a SmartClaim;

  • The date of service (on your invoice) must be no more than two (2) years prior to the date you lodge a claim;

  • You must retain all original invoices/receipts for two years from the date you lodge the claim;

  • HIF reserves the right to randomly select claims for auditing purposes;

  • Benefits for services or treatment rendered outside of Australia are not payable by HIF.

When lodging a SmartClaim, please ensure the following details are included:

  • The membership surname (surname of primary member on the policy);>

  • The patient’s first name (the first name of the member who received the treatment);

  • The healthcare provider’s surname (e.g. your chiro, physio, dentist, etc);

  • Clear photographs of all itemised accounts relevant to your claim;

  • Clear photographs of all paid receipts relevant to your claim.