How do I use SmartClaim?

SmartClaim is our free and easy-to-use mobile app that makes it simple to submit Extras claims when you're out and about. Essentially, SmartClaim is a back-up option for instances where a provider doesn't offer eClaiming via HICAPS.

Most provider types (dentists, opticians, physios, and so on) will allow you to claim on the spot using your HIF membership card, but some providers such as acupuncturists and dietitians don't always provide that service - so in those instances, SmartClaim is the quickest way to lodge those types of claims. 

To submit a claim, simply follow these quick and easy instructions:

  • Get SmartClaim: Download our app from the Apple Store or Google Play;
  • SmartClaim Instructions:  Read the SmartClaim instructions displayed on screen and agree to our Terms of Use (see below);
  • Tap in your details: Type your basic personal information and claim details directly into SmartClaim;
  • Snap your receipts: Use your phone’s camera to take a photo of your invoices, then SmartClaim will cleverly bundle them up for you, ready to submit with your claim details;
  • Submit your claim: Hit the submit button within the app to send the claim through to us. 
  • Receive your benefit electronically: Once your claim is approved, your rebates should appear in your bank account within five working days.

Some quick do's and don'ts.
Depending on your level of Extras cover, here’s what you can use this app to claim for:

  • YES: Dental, optical, chiro, physio, osteo, remedial massage, acupuncture, homeopathy, myotherapy, naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, speech therapy, occupational therapy, podiatry consultations and psychological consultations. You may also claim for pilates, yoga, exercise physiology and gym memberships when a signed Health Management Form is attached as an additional photograph.
  • NO: Please do not use SmartClaim to lodge receipts for hospital or medical treatment, GP visits, ambulance transport, specialist appointments or other medical services such as x-rays or pathology. 

Available on the iPhone App Store Android App on Google Play

SmartClaim Terms of Use

When using SmartClaim, please bear in mind that:

  • Incomplete or illegible photographs of invoices and other accounts will be rejected until an acceptable replacement is provided;
  • SmartClaim can only be used for Extras claims, not hospital or medical claims;
  • Provider invoices must be paid in full prior to lodging a SmartClaim;
  • The date of service (on your invoice) must be no more than two (2) years prior to the date you lodge a claim;
  • You must retain all original invoices/receipts for two years from the date you lodge the claim;
  • HIF reserves the right to randomly select claims for auditing purposes;
  • Benefits for services or treatment rendered outside of Australia are not payable by HIF.

When lodging a SmartClaim, please ensure the following details are included:

  • The membership surname (surname of primary member on the policy);
  • The patient’s first name (the first name of the member who recerived the treatment);
  • The healthcare provider’s surname (e.g. your chiro, physio, dentist, etc);
  • Clear photographs of all itemised accounts relevant to your claim;
  • Clear photographs of all paid receipts relevant to your claim. 
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HIF Official Response posted at 11:59 AM 12-Feb-2016

Hi Jennifer. You can certainly fax claims to HIF, our fax number is (08) 9328 3345. Thanks, Molly.

Jennifer Bowman posted at 2:28 PM 01-Feb-2016

Can I make claims via my fax machine

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