What is ADA WA?

The ADA WA is the Australian Dental Association of Western Australia, and HIF is the only Australian health fund to have received a written endorsement from Dr Tony Poli, President of the ADA WA.

"The Australian Dental Association (WA) applauds HIF for it's commitment to the dental health interests of their members. HIF continues to focus on encouraging their members to be proactive in the regular care and maintenance of their teeth and the ADAWA is pleased to support HIF with this initiative. It is pleasing to acknowledge HIF's superior dental rebate arrangements, including their SmartTeeth program which pays rebates of up to 100% of a dentist's fee for some treatments, no matter which level of ancillary cover their members may hold. HIF's dental rebate arrangements enhance affordability and reduce out-of-pocket expenses for our patients. More importantly, HIF is the only Western Australian health fund to actively encourage 100% freedom of choice of family dentist, because HIF knows the importance of the dentist-patient relationship in achieving the best quality dental outcome for our patients. HIF actively consults with the ADAWA and we are pleased to see them adopting many of the Association's recommendations. HIF members should be delighted with their health fund and their dental rebate arrangements.

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) currently offers a Health Insurance Check-Up tool on their website, part of which covers dentist accessibility.  Here's what the ADA had to say about choosing your own dentist:

  • Any dentist will tell you that continuing treatment with the same dentist is important. Bonds and confidences are developed over time between patient and practitioner that are invaluable.
  • Your dentist knows the treatment you have received and knows you.

In comparison, here's what the ADA had to say about health funds that promote contracted provider schemes (using terms like "Preferred" or "Participating", Members Choice", "Member Care" or "Members First")...

  • Be careful: You may not be able to choose your own dentist and receive the rebates that have been promised to you.
  • Special contractual relationships between a Health Fund and the dentist of their choosing may be beneficial to them but not to you.
  • This restriction by health funds is not in the patient’s dental health interest-think again about the insurer you are choosing if it insists on you seeing their preferred dentist.
  • If you cannot be treated by the dentist of your choice then you need to carefully consider the terms of your cover and ask why your insurer says you cannot be seen by your own dentist.

To find out more, visit: http://www.ada.org.au/private_health_insurance/choice.aspx

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