I don't need maternity cover, can I remove it from my policy?

At HIF, we understand that there are services (such as maternity) that our members would like to exclude from their policies, while still retaining services like cardiac and joint reconstruction. With this in mind, we've just launched a new no-maternity cover option as part of our very first combined policy - 'No Maternity Hospital with Mid Extras Combo'. 

It's important to remember though, that whilst services such as commonly used services like maternity are listed in our hospital cover comparison table, our hospital policies will actually cover you for thousands of different treatments and procedures - essentially, any service that has a Medicare item number attached and isn't specifically listed on your policy as a restricted or excluded service.

So when considering hospital policies from HIF and other funds, just remember that maternity is just one service in amongst thousands, and our cover options reflect services also covered by Medicare rather than on a gender or needs basis. For example , a female will never need to claim on a male-specific procedure such as prostate cancer treatment, and a non-smoker (hopefully) may have a reduced need of needing lung cancer treatment one day. But their policies are likely to include those services anyway because they're also covered by Medicare.


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