If I upgrade my hospital cover will I have to serve any waiting periods for additional nights in a private room?

Yes, a 12 month waiting period would apply for any additional services or benefits that you’re not currently covered for. This would include any extra nights in a private room for maternity stays or any admissions which are relating to a pre-existing condition. Important, please note: A 2-month waiting period applies for general hospitalisation. 

For example, our GoldSaver Hospital cover includes up to three days in a private room for maternity stays; however our Gold Hospital includes up to five days in a private room. If you decided to upgrade your level of cover from GoldSaver Hospital to Gold Hospital a 12 month waiting period would apply for the additional two nights in a private room. 

What happens if I’ve used my private room allowance? 

Don’t worry! As a valued member of HIF you’ll always have the option to remain in a private room for as long as you need to. We’d simply cover the cost of a shared room rate and you’d only be required to pay a daily co-payment for any extra days. This is the difference between the shared room rate and the private room rate. 

How much is the co-payment?

This amount varies between hospitals; however it’s approximately $50 - $100 per night. If you’d like us to check the exact amount, please call us 1300 13 40 60 with the name of your hospital or email hello@hif.com.au and we’d be happy to confirm this for you. 

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