Are there any advantages to buying a couple's policy rather than two single policies?

That's a great question! Depending on your age and income, you may find that it's actually cheaper to be covered on a joint membership, rather than having two separate single policies.

For example, if you're both over 30 and both likely to incur the Government's Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) age loading penalty, the total cost of two single policies would be more than the cost of a joint couple/family policy. This is because each person’s LHC is automatically halved on a joint policy, whereas two single policies would incur the full amount twice. For more info on LHC and to calculate your eligibility, check out

Children can also be covered on a joint policy at no extra cost until they turn 18 (or 25 if they remain in full-time study until then)

You may also be able to claim a bigger rebate from the government on a joint policy as the means-tested income threshold for singles is $90,000, but for couples/families it's $180,000. Please see the rebate table below so you can review where you might sit as a single vs couple.

SINGLE$90,000 or less$90,001 - $105,000$105,001 - $140,000$140,001 or more
COUPLE / FAMILY$180,000 or less$180,001 - $210,000$210,001 - $280,000$280,001 or more
UNDER 6525.059%16.706%8.352%0%
65 - 6929.236%20.883%12.529%0%

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