How much is claimable for private midwife services? (e.g. for home birth)

At-home midwife services are classified as "Home Confinement" nursing benefits and they are claimable through HIF, provided that you hold a combined policy which includes one of our Hospital products with maternity plus one of our top two Extras products.

The benefits payable are detailed in the table below:

 GoldSaver HospitalGold HospitalGoldStar Hospital
Super Options Extras$600$1000$1300
Premium Options Extras$600$1000$1300

Important, please note:

  • As with all maternity services, a 12 month waiting period applies to Home Confinement.
  • In order to claim for Home Confinement services, your chosen midwife must be a registered nurse and listed with the Midwifery Association in your state.
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