What can I do if my policy has lapsed?

If your policy has lapsed within the past twelve months, you may still be able to re-activate your membership. To ensure you retain continuity of cover we will need you to pay any arrears that are owing though. By doing this your membership will continue as normal and you will retain the waiting periods and loyalty benefits already served/incurred.

To re-activate your membership (or if you'd prefer to discuss other options around financial hardship suspension), simply call our team on 1300 13 40 60. 

If you're unable to backpay the arrears, you can certainly re-join HIF as a new member, however this will mean that all waiting periods will re-apply. 

Important, please note:

  • Management approval is required before we can unlapse a membership
  • This does not apply to a cancelled membership
  • We're unable to unlapse your membership if it has lapsed for more than twelve months 

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