What is the difference between direct credit and a benefit cheque?

Direct Credit means that your bank account details are registered with HIF so that when you lodge a claim, we can electronically credit your rebates directly back into your bank account. If you're not registered for Direct Credit, we'll simply mail a cheque to you for the rebate amount instead.  

To modify your membership's Direct Debit details and/or change the frequency (and therefore the amount payable) of your contributions, simply log-in to our Online Member Centre, select Payments and Rebates and then My Payment and Rebate Details. 

Please note:
  • Changing the frequency of your contributions may affect your Paid To Date dependent on any applicable rate discounts.
  • When changing your payment details, payment frequency or Government Rebate Income Tier, the Contribution Frequency "Effective Date" must be at least 7 days in advance of todays' date.
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