What is WebMail?

HIF Webmail is just like the secure online statements and messages you get from your bank. Whenever we need to send you any info, we’ll send an alert via email, then you can go to our online Member Service Centre and access your private member communications. No email filing hassles. No privacy worries. Just Fort Knox-like communications, with all of your membership updates and info stored securely online for three years.
What do you have to do to set up HIF WebMail?
It’s easy. If you haven't already done so, visit our online Member Centre now and register your membership, then go to the 'My Contact Details' page. Click the 'change' button and then select 'HIF WebMail' under the contact preferences section. That's it! You’ve switched to smarter, faster, more secure and environmentally friendly HIF WebMail. Next time you get an email from us about your cover, or anything to do with your membership, simply click the relevant link and login to view your messages and access your e-paperwork. 
Will all my communications be sent electronically if I register for WebMail?
The majority of your communications will be sent via electronic transmission, however there are a few notices which HIF are legally required to send via surface mail, such as tax statements and renewal notices.
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