Can all pets be insured?

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HIF insure cats and dogs and you can start your pet’s insurance from any time from when they are 8 weeks old and before their 9th birthday on our Top Cover and Middle Covers.

If your pet is over the age of 9 and not insured by HIF already then you’re able to purchase our Basic Cover. There is no upper age limit on our Basic Cover (Accident and emergency), so any dog or cat can be insured for accidents and illnesses, no matter how old.

Cover is available for the life of your pet. This means once your pet is insured with us you will be able to renew your policy for that pet for life and your cover level will not be reduced as your pet ages, provided you continuously maintain the cover.

In addition, your policy will not be canceled on the basis of your pet's age. But you may wish to consider joining while your pet is young before they develop any conditions that may be considered pre-existing (and therefore excluded from cover) prior to the start of the policy.

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We all love spoiling our fur-kids, yet only 26% of dogs and 19% of cats in Australia have pet insurance - and that could be very hurtful when the vet bill arrives! With HIF Pet insurance, you'll enjoy affordable cover for cats and dogs of all ages. Plus, claiming is easy thanks to our online member Pet Pawtal!

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