How do I make a pet insurance claim?

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You can make a claim via our online pet pawtal, simply visit to login or register. Or you can download a HIF Pet claim form here. 

You are required to submit your claim within 90 days of your pet receiving treatment. The attending vet must complete section 2 of the claim form and sign it, so please remember to take a printed claim form with you when you visit your vet.

It’s important to note if you’re lodging your first claim, you’ll need to attach a complete veterinary history from both current and previous veterinary clinics. However, if you’ve provided this information previously, there’s no need for you to submit it again.

Your claim will then be sent to PetSure (our administrator) and your claim will be processed as soon as possible and payment will be made to the policyholder by cheque or directly into a nominated account.

Aside from your first claim, in many cases your claim can be processed directly without veterinary records being required. However, in some cases veterinary records may be requested to assist in understanding some aspect of your claim to ensure it is processed correctly and fairly. 

Pet Insurance by HIF

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