What is considered a pre-existing condition for my pet?

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If any symptoms or signs of a Condition occur, or the Condition exists in any form prior to insurance or during the applicable waiting period, it will be considered a Pre-existing Condition and it will not be covered.

For example, if your pet shows first signs of cancer prior to insurance or within the waiting period, then cancer will be considered as pre-existing and all expenses incurred for cancer will not be covered.

Pre-existing conditions can include (but are not limited to):

  • any cruciate ligament condition;
  • a recurring condition
  • any skin condition (as defined);
  • latent infectious conditions that manifest within a known incubation period indicating clear evidence that the condition had existed prior to the policy commencement date; 
  • any condition in remission at the time of the insurance application;
  • any seasonal condition;
  • Conditions currently or previously being controlled by medication(s); 
  • and whether or not diagnosed or treated by a vet.

Definitions related to pre-existing conditions:

  • Bilateral Condition means any Condition affecting body parts of which the Pet has at least two, one each side of the body (e.g. ears, eyes, knees, cruciate ligaments). Note: When applying a Benefit Limit or exclusion, a Bilateral Condition will be considered a single Condition. For example: if your Pet displays clinical signs of a cruciate ligament Condition in the left leg prior to the Commencement Date of the policy or during the Waiting Period, Vet Expenses for a subsequent cruciate ligament condition in the right leg will not be covered. 

  • Related Condition means a Condition that even though it has shown first signs or symptoms during the Policy Period (outside of the Waiting Period), is considered to be a Pre-existing Condition if it has the same clinical symptoms, diagnostic classification or results from the same disease process as a Pre-existing Condition regardless of the number of areas of your Pet’s body affected. 

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