Why did HIF introduce pet insurance?

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Following the success of our TV ads and the outstanding results we received from surveying HIF members about their pets, we felt that pet insurance would be a natural fit with our existing health and travel products – essentially insuring yourself and your loved ones (including fur-kids) at home and away.

Our research showed that 99% of surveyed members feel happier for owning a pet, while 85% believed they’ve become healthier thanks to their fur-kids. Equally important was that 99% said their pet was an important member of the family. And we think it’s important that all members of the family have their health covered.

Animal Medicines Australia’s 2016 study into pet ownership in Australia discovered that while pet owners enjoy lavishing their fur babies with love and gifts, only 26% of dogs and 19% of cats in Australia are actually insured. It appears that most owners think purchasing pet cover is too hard, while others believe it’s too expensive.

We plan to change that perspective with “HIF Pet”.

Like our health insurance for humans, our new suite of pet cover options provides more health and vet care choices, ensuring that customers can enjoy affordable insurance for puppies, kittens, dogs and cats.

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Pet Insurance by HIF

We all love spoiling our fur-kids, yet only 26% of dogs and 19% of cats in Australia have pet insurance - and that could be very hurtful when the vet bill arrives! With HIF Pet insurance, you'll enjoy affordable cover for cats and dogs of all ages. Plus, claiming is easy thanks to our online member Pet Pawtal!

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