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Our new suite of pet cover options provides more health and vet care choices, ensuring that customers can enjoy affordable insurance for puppies, kittens, dogs and cats.

With HIF Pet, you can choose the percentage you’d like to receive back on any of our three levels of cover, plus you can claim up to $15,000 per policy, per year unlike most other insurers who cap this at $10,000. You’ll also receive continuous cover for your pet regardless of their age or claims history.  

But wait there’s more…take out HIF Pet cover before March 31 and receive a gift pack that contains ‘a cool LED dog lead or cat collar’, a ‘Don’t forget my pets wallet card’ and a ‘Save my fur-kids’ house sticker.

Special offer terms and conditions: To qualify for HIF's bonus pet gift pack offer, the applicant must purchase a pet insurance policy directly from HIF (online via hif.com.au/pet or by calling 1300 070 946). The gift pack for dogs is valued at $45 and includes an LED leash, plus "Don't forget my pets" wallet card and house sticker. The gift pack for cats is valued at $25 and includes an LED cat collar, plus "Don't forget my pets" wallet card and house sticker. Gift packs will be mailed to new HIF Pet members once the 30 day cooling off period has been completed, and are not exchangeable for cash. Multiple gift packs will be sent if multiple pet policies are purchased (one per pet). If you have any questions about this promotion, or would like to find out more about HIF, please email social@hif.com.au 

Pet Insurance by HIF

We all love spoiling our fur-kids, yet only 26% of dogs and 19% of cats in Australia have pet insurance - and that could be very hurtful when the vet bill arrives! With HIF Pet insurance, you'll enjoy affordable cover for cats and dogs of all ages. Plus, claiming is easy thanks to our online member Pet Pawtal!

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