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Jac Bullock

"Having two French Bulldogs means that Pet Insurance is absolutely vital to ensure their health and safety. My 18 month old boy, Ernie has had soft palate surgery for his breathing, this is a very complex specialist surgery which cost roughly $2500 and thankfully my pet insurance covered 80% of this. He also has quite severe allergies which has resulted in several vet visits which cost over $100 each time. My 4 year old boy, Rodney has had luxating patella surgery which should have costs thousands of dollars, but luckily I found a vet that charged a reasonable price, nevertheless this still cost around $1300 and again my insurance covered the majority of this. I wouldn’t be without my insurance, it’s helped us out so many times and is absolute peace of mind with having two Frenchies."

Jac Bullock 2018

Anne Humphrey

"Our beautiful bordoodle, Stanley, got stung by a bee and had a terrible reaction. We got him straight to the Vet where he was treated immediately.  We were advised that the reaction would escalate with further stings and that it could become life threatening. How can you stop a dog from being stung? Impossible. I was so scared that he might get stung when I was out at work and couldn’t get immediate treatment. Our Vet recommended that he undergo de-sensitisation treatment by a specialist vet. This involved initial diagnostic tests followed by 19 weekly injections (and half day monitoring each time). The cost of this treatment is around $5,000 but we didn’t need to take that into consideration because we had pet insurance.  I’m so glad we did. Ongoing, Stanley will need a monthly injection for the rest of his life. But most importantly he is safe from bee and wasp stings."

Anne Humphrey 2019

Duncan Atack

"We have five cats and a dog, and they all have pet insurance - we wouldn't be without it! We've used all our policies multiple times, saving ourselves thousands in the process. One cat fractured her paw, another has a recurring UTI, and another needed to have a kidney removed at the after-hours vet clinic. The kidney surgery alone would've cost us $9,000 if we hadn't had insurance! We also have a puppy with gastrointestinal issues and we've already claimed $2,000 back in benefits after only having her policy for a few months. Our pet insurance has proved to be worth it's weight in gold!"

Duncan Atack 2019

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