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We understand how important health is to you and your loved ones. That's why we've recruited a team of experts to provide great advice on how to stay happy and healthy. Our panel includes top Australian nutritionist Susie Burrell, dental health expert Dr Emma and professional fitness coaches Matt Fuller & Claire Chidgzey, plus tasty recipes from food blogger Helen Schofield. You'll also find all the latest news from HIF right here, to keep you updated on both company and industry news and announcements.

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HIF Dog ‘n’ Health Games Set to Put the Fun Into Fundraising

Perth - have you registered your fur-kid for the HIF Dog 'n' Health Games? Karen Rhodes, President of the Dogs’ Refuge Home says "It’s a fantastic opportunity for animal lovers across Perth to exercise with their canine companion for a great cause and we’re thrilled that our great supporters at HIF are again supporting this fun fundraiser for the second year running.” The fundraiser will take place at Sir James Mitchell Park on Sunday 30 April in the form of a family-friendly day, which includes a fun zone for children, and which is set to see all proceeds being donated to animal welfare charity, the Dogs’ Refuge Home. We hope to see you all there. 
Category: HIF News
Understanding Post-natal Depression

Did you know that one in seven Aussie mums suffer from post-natal depression? According to medical professional Dr. Sam "It’s a condition that effects all women, of all cultures and all ages. It can occur with the first baby, the fourth, or with every single baby a mum has. PNDA can pop up out of the blue for the most stoic of mums who have always been well. The greatest risk however lies with mums who have had past episodes of depression, anxiety, and especially PNDA." In this article, Dr Sam describes the symptoms to look out for and most importantly how to understand PNDA and how to deal with it. 
Category: General Medical
HIF Dog ’n’ Health Games 2017

With the second HIF Dog 'n' Health Games just around the corner now, we asked our fitness guru Matt Fuller to explore how pets can have a positive impact on our health and lifestyle in return. Even better, Matt has included short clip of him and Boots working out together in the park. So the next time you're out with your fur-kid why not give it a go? 
Category: Fitness
World Health Day focuses on Depression – what can YOU do to improve your mood?

Did you know that today is World Health Day? This year the World Health Organisation have determined that the focus of this fantastic initiative will be on depression. According to mental health expert Dr. Happy, "Latest estimates state that more than 300 million people are currently living with depression, an increase of almost 20% since 2005. Due to factors such as stigma and lack of support, many of these people are quite simply not getting the help they need to live healthy and productive lives." With these alarming statistics, we caught up with Dr. Happy to get his advice on a simple, practical strategy that we can apply (or help someone you love to apply) improve our moods, our lives and our overall mental health.
Category: Mental Health
Why Diets Fail

Ever started a new diet but not got the results you'd expected? According to nutrition expert, Susie Burrell, there are many reasons why a diet could fail; the most common one being that you went too hard too soon, especially if you're on a strict diet that eliminates a number of food groups, dramatically reduces carbohydrate intake and is generally difficult to sustain in the long term. In her latest article for HIF, Susie explores the top ten reasons why our dieting regimes may fail and discusses some changes to implement into our diets to ensure we stay on track.
Category: Nutrition
5 Eye Health Tips for Seniors

Eyes are one part of the body that can degenerate quickly in the senior years. Some eye diseases are preventable while others are hereditary and unavoidable. Be aware of the diseases you are at risk of and take care of your eyes. Follow our tips for good eye health and reduce the chance of eye disease in your senior years.

Category: Optical Health
Exercise – Why It’s So Much More than “Physical” and How It’s Good for Your Mental Health

Did you know that exercise is one of the most commonly used and one of the most effective “stress busters” and antidepressants there is, as well as being one of the simplest, cheapest and most powerful happiness boosters! According to mental health professional, Dr. Happy, "Happy people tend to be healthier, they get sick less often and if they do get sick they recover more quickly; controlling for other variables happy people actually live longer! So, it’s generally not all that hard to convince people that exercise is good for them but given this, it’s disappointing when we look at the research and see how few people do it often enough." With this in mind, we chatted to Dr. Happy to get his top tips that will enhance your motivation and help you get moving and get happy.

Category: Mental Health
Does Your Child Have a Food Allergy?

Did you know that nine common foods are responsible for over 90% of allergic reactions? According to our resident GP Dr. Sam, "Cow's milk, egg, peanut, sesame, soy, tree nuts, wheat and shellfish are the main culprits”. But what exactly causes a food allergy and more importantly why are they becoming increasingly more common in Australian kids? Well, current research indicates that a fear of allergies to foods such as peanuts has led many parents to delay when they introduce these types of foods to their babies. Despite their best intentions though, Dr Sam says that this has in fact compounded the issue – “as ALL foods must be introduced early in a baby’s diet.” In this latest article for HIF, Dr. Sam sifts through the facts to discuss what all parents really need to know about food allergies.

Category: General Medical
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