"I have had to undergo two surgeries this year and HIF has covered both with only a small out of pocket payment for an anaesthetist and a once off excess fee of $200 for the year. I don't have top hospital cover being in my early 20s but the level of cover I have has been great. I also have super extras which has been fantastic in the past couple of years having to need glasses and requiring some major dental treatment. Never had an issue with claims and HIF have always been helpful on the phone with enquiries." - Madi (see review, received via ProductReview.com.au, January 2018)

"I have been with HIF over 40 years and they are the best. The ancillary cover is excellent." - Jenni (see review, received via Facebook, October 2017)

"I was born in 1954, the same year that HIF (or West Australian Government Railways employees Hospital & Medical Fund) as it was first known was started. I've been a member from birth to now 63 years without a break in membership." - Annette (see review, received via Facebook, October 2017)

"We have been happy with HIF for 44 years! It will be great to not have to pay for maternity cover though! Look forward to the changes and hopefully it will benefit Seniors." - Judy (see review, received via Facebook, October 2017)

"Of course you win awards... that's helped me remain a loyal member since I joined in 1966. Best health insurance around. When it's time to renew your insurance check them out before you do. You won't be sorry!" - Arthur (see review, received via Facebook, October 2017)

"I'm a good judge - been a member since the early 1960's. Only change - the Fund's name ! Keep it up, Graeme Gibson and crew!" - Tom (see review, received via Facebook, October 2017)

"Well done HIF, I've been in this fund for 42 years". - Mary (see review, received via Facebook, October 2017)

"Fantastic customer service. Would not hesitate to recommend to friends and family." – Wayne (received via Google Reviews, September 2017)

"Been with them since I was a kid in Kalgoorlie, best value Health Insurer c/w HBF, Medibank etc" – Aldo (received via Google Reviews, September 2017)

"Helpful, timely and friendly service from Carol on the phone. Thank you." – Richard (received via Google Reviews, August 2017)

"Good value, much better than for profit competitors." – Johnson (received via Google Reviews, August 2017)

"Working in the health industry I highly recommend HIF. I am with them and have put many of our patients in touch with them. They're very happy with their rebates ... compared to their previous funds ... not to mention their excellent service." - Ali (see review, received via Facebook, August 2017)

"Currently a human customer, will be following up pet insurance in the hopes of the same great service." - Kieran (see review, received via Facebook, July 2017) 

"I must say after being with Medibank, BUPA and HCF in the past, I'm SO happy I found HIF! Even my physio was impressed with the amount I recieved back at my last appointment." - Emily (received via Facebook private messenger, July 2017) 

"I don't have pets anymore but will definitely go with HIF when I get pets again. I am a devoted member of HIF." - Hayley (see review, received via Facebook, July 2017) 

"Just a bit of feedback – after visiting dentists and optometrists recently, I wished I switched to HIF ages ago – very happy with my HIF rebate!" - Karen (received via email, July2017)

"My husband and I transferred to hif from one of the major health funds due to massive price increases every year. We find hif to be very competitively priced and we like that it is a member's own fund, not a for-profit fund. When I have called, I have found my calls to be answered quite quickly. Lodging an extras claim through the app takes a few weeks to be paid, but I don't find that to be a major issue. I love that I can claim through an app....previous health fund did not even have this capability! Had to post it in or go to a branch. Very happy and have already recommended hif to a friend who joined up." - Di (see review - received via ProductReview.com.au, July 2017)

"Hi, I just wanted to leave you some feedback about our experience with HIF. Having been with Medibank for many years and then with Bupa, we decided to look around for adding pregnancy cover some 12 months ago and came across HIF. We couldn't be happier with the fund, especially when my wife had an unexpectedly complicated pregnancy, HIF were excellent at ensuring all the costs were covered for multiple hospital stays even though she was within the pregnancy waiting period - this was all due to the HIF honouring that as the baby's due date was after the waiting period, any complications associated with the pregnancy would be covered. As a medic myself, I know of many people who have been caught out with other funds in this situation. I highly recommend HIF as an alternative to the big names." - Ricci (received via email, June 2017)

"I rarely write reviews about things but felt the need to write a positive one about HIF. After being fed up with the lack of value I was getting from BUPA and the increasing restrictions of which health providers I could see, I contacted a third party health insurance reviewer and whilst reluctant to go through the process, I am actually glad the operator found HIF for me. I have had no issues with HIF since signing up, all my waiting periods were matched and I have received more value from HIF than I would have ever done with my previous fund. There are rarely any 'preferred' providers which allows me to choose which health professionals I would like to see. I have only ever once had to call customer support and whilst there was a long wait via telephone (I rang late on a Friday afternoon!), I eventually ended up emailing their team and got a prompt response. My disclaimer is that for the specific extras I use and because I do not need extensive hospital cover, I have only good things to say about HIF. Their claiming system is extremely easy and rebates get deposited electronically within a few days. Admittedly the increase in premiums for the upcoming year were a bit steep but I have chosen to prepay for the next few months which saves me some money. Whilst still happy with HIF, I do research regularly as to what other health funds are offering and I am yet to find a better policy for my life circumstances at this point in time." - fmyt (see review - received via ProductReview.com.au, March 2017)

"Hope this is helpful to some people.... I have found that HIF have always been SUPER helpful and followed through with answering my queries and getting back to me over the phone and via email despite the fact I do not dwell in WA. I was with HBA (come BUPA) for 30+ years but found them expensive given my level of coverage, not to mention their lack of assistance in general and terribly long waiting times on the phone during non-peak times of the year. I like that they are a non-profit organisation, and my dentist advised me that my rebate was the most she has seen from any health insurer." - Jo (see review - received via Google Reviews, March 2017)

"Excellent value, easy to set up, unbeatable Customer Support. Would highly recommend HIF. Was recommended to us by a third party Health Insurance reviewer and moved across after almost 15 yrs with another provider. Claim submitted and paid seamlessly. Customer service second to none (after a considerable wait but first thing consultant did was apologise for the wait). Overall, extremely professional." - MrsTB (see review - received via ProductReview.com.au, March 2017)

"They are extremely helpful and the phone operators are able to answer even difficult policy questions. Easy to meet a representative in person and knowledgeable staff." - Hamish (see review - received via Google Reviews, February 2017)

"HIF are still the best VALUE and service health fund in Australia in my opinion. I don't like to haggle with different options if it means I'm covered with no issues when I need to be." - Russell (see review - received via Facebook, January 2017)

"Hi, I just wanted to leave a quick message to say how happy I am with HIF! I was with HBF for 10 years and since moving over to HIF, my husband and I couldn't be happier." - Monique (see review - received via Facebook, January 2017)

"To HIF, thank you for the blanket after the birth of Lucy. Also thank you for all of the financial help, you have made having a baby that little bit less stressful by being so prompt with hospital costs, I have recommended HIF to all of my friends." - Kate (see review - received via mail, December 2016)

"How lovely to receive a gift after the birth of our child from our health fund. Such a brilliant idea and a definite way to make us feel valued. Thank you HIF! We appreciate it!" - Caitlin (see review - received via Facebook, November 2016)

"Hi HIF. We've been members for some years and only recently we had to make a rather large claim due to some major dental work our daughter needed. I had originally submitted the claim via email but couldn't claim that way due to the size.  Your claims examiner Julie Clarke called to let me know and I noted that we were trying to get the refund back ASAP to meet credit card deadlines. I asked if I could drop it in to HIF's head office to speed it up and she said to ask for her at drop off and she would process it immediately. I wanted to let her know that it was very much appreciated. Insurance is only as good as the claims service and she has certainly gone above and beyond. Thanks again for your understanding and support." - CH (received via Facebook private message, October 2016)

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I recently bought Hospital and Extras cover from you guys for my family. I wanted to bring to your attention the wonderful service I received from Shamus in your call centre. I have always been reluctant to get insurance, and even more so to do it over the phone (rather than online). But he was friendly, likable and helpful. He never sniggered at my stupid questions and was wonderful to deal with. I have already recommended HIF to a few people and told them specifically to ask for Shamus! He definitely deserves some recognition. Thank you for taking the time to read this message." - Sarah (received via Facebook private message, October 2016)

"Had to purchase some new glasses yesterday and didn't have my membership card on me. The optometrist told me that it would be alright because I could just take the receipt in and get my rebate. He was a little shocked when I told him that "I will just claim it on the app" and showed him how easy it was to do. This afternoon however I was the one shocked when the money came back into my account less than 24 hours after submitting the claim, just in time for the weekend! I was also only $40 out of pocket for 2 pairs. Great service yet again from the HIF team." - Michael (see review - received via Facebook, September 2016)

"I spent about three weeks researching all the different health insurance funds trying to find what was best for me and HIF had by far the easiest website to navigate in terms of picking exactly what I wanted and seeing what I was getting, which was my number one reason for picking them. The fact that they were also the most competitive in terms of price for my level of cover was icing on the cake. The sign up process was a breeze, the customer service so far has been excellent, and the blog on their site has some great articles." - Whitney (see review - received via ProductReview.com.au, August 2016)

"Holy heck! Thank you so much HIF. These will be treasured. Thanks for running your competitions. And thanks for providing us with the best private health insurance we've ever had for our family." - Erica (see review - received via Facebook, July 2016)

Hello, I just want to say a big "thank you" to the HIF team and supervisor Gabrielle who sorted out my concerns and questions about membership upgrade. I rang yesterday to inquire about upgrading to a higher level and got some information. This morning I rang up to upgrade my cover, was told something different :-/ About 15 minutes after I hung up, Gabrielle rang me on my mobile phone to apologise for the correct then incorrect information her team members had given, explained the process involved about cover upgrades, confirmed my new cover status and everything. Thanks so much!!! I really appreciate the additional action taken by HIF when there was conflicting information given. You've made me felt so good, giving that reassurance and confirmation in such a short timeframe is excellence customer service. No wonder I haven't looked back since I switched from Medibank to you in 2013. Keep up the great work! Thanks again." - Susan (see review - received via Facebook, June 2016)

"Hi there HIF. I just called your call and have some feedback. I felt a little awkward calling because I wanted to add my partner to my membership (same sex couple) and wasn't sure the reaction I would receive. I spoke to Chad and I have to say it was the best call centre experience I have ever had. The call was not awkward at all and I actually felt "normal" going through the process. That might seem like an odd thing to say but it actually makes an unbelievable difference. I just wanted to say thank you and hopefully my thanks and some sort of recognition will get back to Chad. Thanks again, you guys have made my day." - Dean (received by email, June 2016)

"I'll admit, as with every new financial year I have been checking around other health funds just to make sure I am getting the best deal. But after receiving a handwritten card and gift from HIF for the birth of my new daughter there is no way I would leave. It's not about the gift for me, it's about your passion towards customer service that so many businesses lack these days. Thank you, your happy member and his family." - Matthew (see review - received via Facebook, June 2016)

"Certainly not expected but thanks HIF for the gift for our little man, very much appreciated" - Jackie (see review - received via Facebook, May 2016)

"Thank you so much for this unexpected lovely gift!!! So soft and warm and just in time for the cold Melbourne weather." - Asherly (see review - received via Facebook, May 2016)

"After living overseas for the past 5 years, rejoining a health insurance fund was a task I tried to avoid. I phoned around and struggled to find the best option. My final call to HIF put me in contact with Sandra Taylor (based in Perth) and she was an absolute pleasure to speak with. Sandra not only answered my questions but offered extra information above and beyond that expected from a call centre. I hope that Sandra's exceptional customer service does not go unrecognised and she receives the positive recognition that she deserves." - Alicia (see review - received via Facebook, May 2016)

"Awesome love the fact that it was so easy to set up and get covered." - Maryanne (see review - received via Facebook, May 2016)

"I've been with HIF for many years now and while the premium has just gone up slightly it is still more competitive than ever other company out there! Plus the rebates have been fantastic for dentistry etc and last year when I had a baby everything in hospital was covered and I got a private room for my hospital stay. Very happy and will remain a loyal customer." - Nikki (see review - received via Facebook, April 2016)

"Dear Meredith, Thank you again for all of your assistance AND patience with this matter. I know I'm not a 'Top Hospital' customer, but you treated me like one. Believe me, I did a ton of research to find the best fund for my appropriate level of cover, and not many sales people helped me out as you did. For what I need, and thanks to your guidance, HIF worked out to be the best fund overall. The Private Health Ombudsman website - www.privatehealth.gov.au - helped me out a lot too (great comparison site!). Thank you again." - John (received by email, April 2016)

"I'm still yet to use their services if I ever need to. But during the signing up process, there was a little hiccup which needed to be resolved asap to complete my 457 Visa Application. Their Customer Service dealt with it fast and effectively. That is the kind or service you look for when moving to a new country and search for a health insurance cover. And in the midst of some bad reviews I read here, which were left as-is even after the matter was resolved. I just wanted to provide my input." - Antonio (see review - received via ProductReview.com.au, April 2016)

"Gabriele N was brilliant, her customer service sums up the reason I changed to hif and confirms the reason I am staying with you. Thank you for your support and efforts." - George (see review - received via Facebook, April 2016)

"Every year I take advantage of my HIF membership and get new glasses. Last year bought gorgeous black frames. This time I checked out the fully covered range and selected a 2 tone pair. The lovely assistant told me I hadn't used the full amount and I should get another pair... So chose the purple ones... Fully covered nothing to pay! Nuts! Thanks to HIF and Options Optometrists at the Galleria." - Jo (see review - received via Instagram, March 2016)

"Tonight my two kids and I went to the dentist for check up and clean... The total bill was $390 but the gap was $0!! I was soooo happy thanks to HIF Extras cover. Thank you." - Karen (see review - received via Facebook, March 2016)

"Excellent dental rebates - freedom of choice of dental provider. No contracted dentists means equal rebate for all and freedom of choice is not compromised. Keep up the exceptional service and cover HIF." - Samantha (see review - received via Facebook, March 2016)

"HIF have one of the best social media teams I've encountered. I feel truly heard and valued." - Pia (see review - received via Twitter, February 2016)

"April 2015, had a leg infection sprung on me while holidaying in Queensland. Now very recently been slugged a $1,100 bill by the Queensland Ambos, but however, due to some demonstration of incompetence by QLD government, they stuffed up my postal address and given that I never received an account from them, deferred me to the debit collectors. While the debit collectors had also used the incorrect postal address, was by pure luck had a postie who had some brains and sent it to my actual address, and while after some choice words were yelled out while recovering from a case of bill-shock, sourced the bill and paid the debit collectors after complaining in writing that some idiot stuffed my postal address up. Any who, sent the whole lot to HIF to get the money reimbursed, 5 days later the money is sitting in my bank account. No kicking and screaming, no incorrect address used saga, no filing cabinets worth of documents like other insurance would've (like that travel insurer that I used). I would strongly recommend HIF to anybody." - Andrew (see review  - received via ProductReview.com.au, February 2016)

"I had a dentist appointment for a consult and clean. Dental clinic charge was $120, my HIF rebate was $107. Thank you HIF, I'm a happy customer." - Sharon (see review - received via Facebook, February 2016)

"Thanks for the wonderful customer service Sandy Taylor. If every customer service provider was like you I would enjoy phone calls." - Alex (see review - received via Facebook, February 2016)

"I have been with HIF for around 18 months, my first claim was for my Wife who spent 13 days in a Private Hospital and we could not have had a better quick resolution. This time, off overseas. we had numerous injections and HIF picked up the bill for over half of the cost, sent in the receipts and 4 days later received a cheque, service does not get any better. Excellent Service." - John (see review - received via ProductReview.com.au, January 2016)

"Just joined HIF, the dental cover is great which I definitely need" - Emily (see review - received via Twitter, January 2016)

"In December 2015 I broke my hand and had to have surgery. I only joined HIF in July 2015 and was worried about the claims process etc. It was so simple and all of the surgeons accounts were paid directly and I had no surprise out of pocket costs just the excess which i was told about beforehand. I very happy as i changed over from Medibank which was a large fund. I dealt with Wendy in the claims, she was very efficient and lovely to deal with!" - Jen (see review - received via ProductReview.com.au, January 2016)

"I have needed to be hospitalised 3 times within a 12 month period as a result of surgery & complications. It was peace of mind knowing HIF took care of the related costs involved with ease & friendly customer service. Thanks HIF." - Helen (see review - received via ProductReview.com.au, December 2015)

"The other day I required an ambulance who had to rush me to the Royal Perth emergency department. I just received my bill of $916! As you can imagine, I nearly fell off my seat to think that a service that took a whole of about 30 minutes could cost so much. Luckily I have ambulance cover with HIF and was advised that because the bill was for an "emergency service" I was able to claim the full cost. I'm so very happy that I didn't need to pay one cent of the bill. I can sleep at ease tonight. Thank you HIF, love your work." - Meredith (see review - received via Facebook, December 2015)

"Very good service provider. Great communication with customers and great value. Staff are very helpful and website is easy to use and informative." - Lisa (see review - received via ProductReview.com.au, November 2015)

"Since I became a member in March I have nothing but positive things to say about HIF...I submit claims using their app and a week later the refund is in my bank! I have also been very impressed with the amount they reimburse which seems to be significantly higher than other funds. I have been telling everyone I know to make the switch to HIF" - MG (see review - received via ProductReview.com.au, November 2015)

"Hi HIF, to cut a long story short there was a recent audit on our membership due to the fact that our membership was in my name and not my husbands as we receive the 8% corporate discount. I called this afternoon after submitting the paperwork to get the membership into my husbands name and was told that the processing team will do it asap. All the team at HIF need a huge pat the back with how they treat members and really go beyond for them as well. It's much appreciated!" - Aleeisha (see review - received via Facebook, November 2015)

"I have to acknowledge the First class service and very quick claim settlement provided by the HIF insurance fund after my Wife's recent 13 day stay in a Melbourne Private Hospital. Simple, quick and easy. Well done." - John (see review - received via ProductReview.com.au, November 2015)

"And that my friends is how you do corporate social media. Instant, someone knowledgeable, when I want it, using the platform." - Erwin (see review - received via Twitter, November 2015)

"I don't think it's possible for myself to like HIF any more than I do now. They were kind enough to drop my premiums (lower the cover) due to my financial (pension) situation even though I just raised it recently. I will be increasing my excess for hospital soon but will definately retain the cover after going through the horror of the public system. Insurance well worth having!" - Russell (see review - received via Facebook, October 2015)

"I couldn't be happier with how easy it was to claim on my recent glasses purchase. Click, click, click to take some photos of the receipt with my phone, and a few days later the rebate is in my account with no fuss. Thanks." - Emma (see review - received via ProductReview.com.au, October 2015)

"Hi HIF, I just wanted to send off a quick message after speaking to one of your super star customer service people Shamis (sorry if I've spelt that wrong) this morning. He was very helpful and polite and has made me believe I've made the right decision taking out health insurance with you guys! A true asset to your company! I look forward to using you guys for time to come and recommending you to everyone i know! Thank you." - Bronwyn (see review - received via Facebook, August 2015)

"I've been with hif for many years and found them to be very helpful and have never had a problem with the staff. Sure sometimes things take time ie claims but what about other companies I'm sure they would be the same if not worse I've had lots of surgeries and never had any problems when dealing with hif and have recommended them with highest regard To all my friends. Some doctors in Perth over charge that's why you end up with a bill you just have to check before you commit and that's not hif fault. So far I'm delighted with their customer service and intend staying with them" - Natalie (see review - received via ProductReview.com.au, August 2015)

"Any insurance company is ultimately only as good as how they handle claims and having swapped very recently from one of the largest funds this was my first test. I am pleased to say that the claim process could not have been quicker and the amount paid back for some recent dental treatment I believe was equal to, if not a little more than my previous provider would have paid. I have also just bought a new pair glasses and sunglasses and when the Optician processed the claim she was amazed at the size of rebate! Thank you very much HIF, one more tick in the very pleased box." - Peter & Margaret (via HIF website, July 2014)

"We switched to HIF, and the switch took a few weeks to get processed but I found their call center helpful, they have a useful app for claiming, and they had good value coverage. The fact that they are a member owned fund suggests they're more likely to care for their customers. So far so good!" - Richard28 (see review - received via ProductReview.com.au, July 2015)

"I shop around every 12 months and have found no other health fund can beat HIF on price when you add on obstetrics cover. Even when reps from iSelect call etc., I say can you beat this price with obstetrics and they always say "No, don't bother changing covers." We used our hospital cover a couple of years ago when our son was born. The HIF staff were reassuring that whatever they said would be paid for (and it was). Extremely happy with their service and coverage. Inexpensive (well as inexpensive as health cover gets), decent service and good coverage." - Bronty_Saurus (see review - received via ProductReview.com.au, July 2015)

"I have always found HIF, to be the best of all health funds. I work in healthcare and always recommend them because its easy, hassle free and they are lovely to deal with. I have done my wisdom teeth, my partner has had 2 knee surgeries and now I'm pregnant so confident that I have chosen the right health fund to cover everything." - Rach (see review - received via ProductReview.com.au, June 2015)

"Just wanted to say a massive public thanks to Nikki and all the staff at HIF. The service has been absolutely fantastic, with extremely fast responses. Also the Dental cover. Fantastic! Keep up the great work." - James (see review - received via Facebook, June 2015)

"I would like to take you all on a mystical journey, a tale of a festering tooth abscess and Private Health insurance. But before we set sail, it is worth a mention that this is by no means a paid endorsement. It is actually more indicative of my old age and enthusiastic response to awesome customer service.... Read full blog post: "Abscess Insurance"- Renae (via HIF's blog, May 2015)

"I joined three different health insurances in the past but ended up switching due to rude, incompetent and SLOW customer service with all of them. Since switching to HIF a year ago I had no problems with customer service, claims or policy changes. Just recently I claimed another remedial massage and received my money in no time. Thank you for the polite, friendly and competent customer service. Keep up the good work! And the low premium increases of course." - Lucy (via see review - received via ProductReview.com.au, April 2015)

"I have been a member of HIF for over a year now, aside from all the obvious benefits like lower premiums and being able to choose the practitioners I want to use I have found the service second to none. When I first joined the honest of the staff in regards to what I actually needed was appreciated rather than getting a sales pitch! Having had a few out of the ordinary claims in the last few months the staff have being excellent offering great advise in a timely manner which left me with no out of pocket expenses. Claims were processed very quickly. With my previous fund this whole process would have involved waiting for long periods to get the right person on the telephone... With HIF you can get the person straight away, and can get the same person each time eliminating the need to keep repeating my situation! If they are busy they will call you back! All up health insurance with HIF is too easy! They deal with the problems so we don't need to." - Sinead (see review - received via ProductReview.com.au, April 2015)
"I have recently changed from Frank (GMHBA) as they didn't offer a rebate for speech therapy. My premium only went up $2.50 per fortnight, but the increase in amount I can claim on speech and dental well and truely outweighs that. My first claim via the app was so easy and money was in my bank 2 days later. (I'm still waiting on my previous insurer to pay a bill from 3 weeks ago). Great, affordable cover for a family needing insurance but not wanting to pay the earth! Highly recommended." - Roxanne (see review - received via ProductReview.com.au, November 2014)