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Important Policy Information

We know our 'Health Cover Guides' and 'Product Factsheets' won't top your 'best reads' list this year, but it's important to familiarise yourself with them at least once a year. That way, you can always ensure you're up to date on what's covered by your health insurance policy. There's also heaps of other handy info in there to refer to when you need it.

HIF Health Insurance Cover Guides

HIF Health Cover Guides

It's important to familiarise yourself with the Health Cover Guides at least once a year.
HIF Health Insurance Product Factsheets

HIF Product Factsheets

Need a policy factsheet? No worries. We've got everything you need right here.

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We've created a host of articles with tips, tricks, advice and more to help you.
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Expert mental health advice

Access a network of leading Australian-based experts.
Not for profit and member focused Our priority is to look after the health and wellbeing of our members, not to maximise profits. 
Freedom to choose your Extras provider You have total freedom to choose your own registered dentist, optician, physio and other Extras providers.
Australia's first certified carbon neutral fund As well as looking after our members' health, we also do our part for the community and planet
Alternative healthcare options Access alternative health care options through our exclusive partnerships.

Explore the HIF Health Hub

The latest health & wellbeing advice from our team of experts.

Flu Vaccine and COVID-19 Vaccine - Do You Need Both?

Top Tips on What to Eat to Stay Healthy Over Winter

Do Weighted Blankets Help You Sleep? The Science and Benefits

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What others are saying


"I submitted a review 6 years ago and I wanted to update this with experience-based feedback. Over the course of this time, I transitioned from Overseas Visitors Health Cover to a Domestic Plan as I got my Permanent Residency and in either plan, HIF provided the cover I needed, and successfully helped with the different procedures I went under over the years without any complaint whatsoever. I understand that dealing with insurance providers can be complicated, but I personally find doing all the necessary reading and understanding your cover is key to be satisfied with the service they offer. HIF has always made it pretty easy to keep that information easy to find and up to date. I decided to write this review as I just finished a call with a representative, who was immensely helpful at dealing with my queries, always making sure I got the best bang for buck while also offering some practical tips to ensure I never overpay where possible. Honestly, this is the kind of service expect from all providers and I can't recommend HIF enough for that"



"I highly recommend HIF. I have had nothing but wonderful service from you and on the occasions I have needed to contact your fund, your staff have been a pleasure to deal with. Thank you."



"I would just like to say thank you, HIF for taking care of me, my medical, dental, etc. issues over the past 20 Years. Your support has been great. The health cover provided by HIF has always met my needs. Thank you again."


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Ready to join HIF? Applying for cover is easy! If you'd like to join online now, the online application process takes approximately 5-10 minutes and we'll do all the associated paperwork for you, including applying for the Australian Federal Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance on your behalf. If you're switching to HIF from another health fund, we can also contact your old fund on your behalf and request that your policy is cancelled from the date you choose to commence cover with HIF.

It's great to hear you're planning to switch to HIF! To authorise us to arrange the transfer on your behalf, simply:

  1. check the box during the online application process
  2. enter the name of your previous health fund
  3. enter the membership number on your old policy

Alternatively, if you're joining over the phone, you can instruct your Sales Consultant to complete the authorisation details for you. Once we have your authorisation, we'll then contact your previous fund and request that they send us what's known as a 'Clearance Certificate'.

The certificate provides HIF with all the details we need in order to finalise your new policy with us, including any waiting periods that may still be outstanding, plus any Lifetime Health Cover loading that may apply. Please note that Australian health funds have up to 14 days to issue Clearance Certificates, so if you would like your old fund to issue your certificate as a matter of urgency, please let us know and we can escalate it as a priority request. Alternatively, you can contact your previous fund yourself and submit a direct request for a certificate to be sent to HIF.

Important, please note: If your partner is switching to HIF and would like us to cancel their policy with their previous health fund too, they must provide authorisation. To do this simply ensure they have checked the partner authorisation box during the online application process and enter the name of their previous health fund and membership number of their old policy.

When a customer cancels or switches their health cover to HIF, we will provide or request from their other insurer, a document called a Clearance Certificate. The certificate provides HIF with all the details we need in order to confirm and finalise the customer's new policy with us, such as:  their length of membership with their old fund, their product description, any waiting periods that may still be outstanding on their old policy, previously paid claims in the past 12 months; and any Lifetime Health Cover loading that may apply on hospital cover. The previous fund then has 14 working days to supply the certificate to HIF.

A confirmation email will be sent to your nominated email address upon joining HIF. This email will welcome you to HIF, and provide you with all the information you need to know about your policy. It will then take approximately seven working days for your application to be processed into our system, then a second email will be sent advising you of your HIF member number and confirming your membership details. Please rest assured that you are automatically covered from your chosen commencement date though; the processing of your application is simply an admin requirement at our end in order to activate your membership in our system. 

Absolutely! When you switch to HIF on an equivalent (or lower) level of cover, we will recognise your waiting periods meaning you won't need to re-serve any waiting periods already served with your previous fund. Here's some other key things you need to know before switching. To ensure that all your existing benefits and previously served waiting periods are recognised by HIF, you must switch within 2 months of leaving your previous health fund and provide HIF with a clearance certificate from your previous fund. For more information on switching, please click here.

If you pay for your policy 12 months in advance, we'll include a 4% discount - or for six monthly payments, the discount is 2%. If you're already an HIF member and would like to change your payment frequency, simply log-in to our Online Member Centre. Please note: Yearly and half-yearly discounts must be paid upfront and in full for the discount to apply and are not available in addition to any other discount, e.g. corporate or group discount arrangements.

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