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Australian health insurers are much of a muchness, right? Not at all. As a growing not-for-profit health fund, our members and their wellbeing are our sole reasons for being. We aren’t here to improve our share price (because we don’t have one). We simply focus on giving our members great value affordable health insurance. But that’s only part of our unique story.

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HIF About Us Page

Let's start at the beginning...

The HIF story began back in March 1954, when our organisation sprang into life as the 'Western Australian Government Railways (WAGR) Employees Hospital and Medical Benefits Fund Inc' (trips off the tongue, doesn’t it?). One name change and 24 years later, we became 'Health Insurance Fund of WA', an incorporated association under the Associations Incorporations Act 1895 (WA). Then, in June 2010, we changed our name again to 'Health Insurance Fund of Australia'. We did this to reflect our increasingly nationwide membership base.

Today, HIF is a multi-award winning, not-for-profit health fund. More and more people are turning away from other Australian health funds in favour of our ethical member-focused approach, our multi-award winning Hospital & Extras Cover options, and our philosophy of allowing our members total freedom when it comes to choosing your own healthcare provider.

A not-for-profit, here-for-you health fund.

By preserving our status as a registered open-access, not-for-profit member-focused private health insurer, we qualify for exemption from income tax assessment under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cth) (although we are subject to other forms of taxation). Unlike many Australian health funds, we do not have shareholders. Moreover, cash dividends are not paid directly to our fund members. Instead, we return any surpluses to our members in the form of lower premiums, increased rebates and new benefits and services. This is our way of rewarding our loyal members.

It's about our members, not profits.

Our priority is to help our members and their dependents lead healthy and happy lives. Simple as that. We do this by providing a choice of insurance covers for hospital, medical and extras services. We also offer travel insurance cover, but ultimately we undertake all of these activities to do one thing – ensure we keep a tight lid on health insurance premiums.

Want to know more about us?

We’re different to other Australian health insurance funds in a whole host of ways. Explore our site to find out more about us, from our corporate structure to our contribution to the community, not to mention our green credentials (did you know we’re Australia’s first and only certified carbon neutral health fund?). You can also read all the latest news from HIF, along with our Healthy Lifestyle Blog featuring great articles on diet, nutrition, fitness, exercise, dental healthcare and general wellbeing.

2015 Year in Review

Check out our short video to see what else we got up to last year...

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