Why we made a stand.

Did you know... HIF was Australia’s first carbon neutral health fund, as certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) on 25 September 2008. By getting 'our greenhouse' in order and offsetting our emissions, we're officially environmentally friendly.

We could talk about our ‘commitment to being ethical’ or ‘corporate social sustainability’, like so many other health funds. But it’s really much simpler than that. We believe in actually doing the right thing – by our members, by the community and the planet.

As a not-for-profit health fund, it’s in our nature. After all, a healthier environment is better for everyone.

How we achieved 'NOCO2' certification.

In order to become a certified ‘NOCO2’ health fund, we commissioned the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) to review and analyse our business. They then calculated our carbon footprint (the amount of greenhouse gas we are responsible for emitting into the atmosphere).

Following the review, CRI suggested ways we could reduce our carbon footprint, and we have offset all remaining emissions through the purchase of carbon abatement credits. The project in which we are currently purchasing carbon offsets is focused on reducing fossil fuel emissions to improve public health and environmental degradation.

Reduce your carbon footprint by joining a health fund that cares about you and the environment. 

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What else does HIF do to help the planet?

In terms of how we run our business, our office is centrally located in Perth to encourage staff to use public transport. Additionally, we have cycling and shower facilities to encourage our staff to ride to work.

We don’t have a fleet of company vehicles, and our one and only office building was designed and built to the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) 4 star standards.

Our business is largely paperless, and our internal processes are all electronic and produce very little waste.

We also encourage our Members to opt-in for electronic communications to help us be greener, and we encourage staff to recycle their waste.

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