At HIF, we recognise sleep as one of the three pillars of health – along with diet and exercise.

Knowing that information can be powerful, we’ve teamed up with SleepSpace, an online tool which will give eligible HIF members access to:

  • Instant sleep analysis
  • Accurate sleep tracking
  • Relaxations, meditations and smart light
  • Deep sleep stimulating sounds
  • Integration with wearables like Oura, Whoop and more …
  • 24/7 support from Dr Snooze and live coaches
Want to get started? Simply login to the HIF member app, downloadable through the app store, and find the SleepSpace link to register in the top banner.


Improve your sleep health tonight

SleepSpace includes 50+ relaxation tracks that you can customize on your journey to improved sleep. Nature sounds fade into a sound machine that can be programmed to play pink noise, brown noise, or white noise adaptively throughout sleep.Research has shown these noises can help with sleep quality. A smart alarm clock can be set to awaken you in a lighter sleep phase, reducing morning brain fog.


Take your sleep to the next level

SleepSpace can adjust sounds and smart light bulbs in order to optimise your sleep quality every night. Have you been told that you snore? You can optionally set SleepSpace to record sounds throughout the night and listen to them in the morning.

More on SleepSpace

  • SleepSpace technology has been validated in peer reviewed studies and was built out of more than $3.5 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health in the United States
  • SleepSpace has been featured on Reuters, TED, NPR, CNN, the New York Times, Bulletproof Radio, and Sleep Review Magazine.

How does it work?

SleepSpace measures your sleep with the sensors of your phone, when you place it at the foot of your bed or on your nightstand. You can then measure your sleep perceptions using a digital version of the consensus sleep diary. A team of sleep coaches and Dr. Snooze AI offer you personalised feedback to the root of your sleep issues. SleepSpace was built based-off of proven techniques found in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

To learn more, visit


Who is eligible?

Sleep Space is a service fully funded by HIF for the first 500 eligible HIF members who sign up, no matter your level of cover (18+, active policies only). Members will need a smart phone to download the app.

Frequently Asked Questions


How does SleepSpace work?

SleepSpace is a sleep ecosystem that uses patented technology backed by the National Institute of Health to measure your sleep. Integrating with your entire bedroom ecosystem, SleepSpace uses the science of light, sound and vibration to improve your sleep every night.

Through using the micro-motion and cardiometabolic data from your wearable or your mobile phone, SleepSpace will collect data on your REM, deep sleep, awakenings, bedtime, sleep latency, pulse ox, HRV, sound in room, and more. SleepSpace then uses this real-time data to help you optimise your sleep through actionable suggestions that will help you improve your sleep. 

How is my data collected?

HIF does not share your data directly with SleepSpace. SleepSpace will collect relevant information when you sign up. For more information, please visit SleepSpace privacy policy (insert link:

How much does it cost?

HIF is offering the first 500 members to sign up to SleepSpace 12 months access (from the date of registration) at no cost to the member. 

How can I claim the 1 year free trial for SleepSpace?

SleepSpace offers a 1 year free trial, exclusive to HIF members. Simply login to the HIF member app downloadable through the app store and find the SleepSpace link to register in the top banner. 


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