HIF members can now access exclusive discounts with AMA (WA). 

In a first of its kind national partnership, we've joined forces with WA’s peak medical body, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) WA, in a bid to increase accessibility of important health and well-being products for our members across the country. This national partnership takes a member first approach, creating direct access to select products for all HIF members

From Friday 1st June 2022, HIF members will be able to directly purchase a Finger Pulse Oximeters and Infrared Touch Free Thermometers with a 20% off discount via the AMA WA website using the promo code 'HIFSAVE20' at checkout.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is AMA (WA)?

The Australian Medical Association (WA) looks after the professional and industrial needs of members at all stages of their careers, and is committed to advancing the medical profession. The Association is dedicated to protecting individual members and the collective interests of all doctors, be they working in WA’s public hospital system, running a private practice or providing services in community health centres in the rural and remote parts of the State.

What does the exclusive discount entail?

HIF members will be able to directly access a 20% discount on the RRP on select products via the AMA (WA) website, using the promo code 'HIFSAVE20' at checkout.

Products currently include: Finger Pulse Oximeter and Infrared Touch Free Thermometer.

Why has HIF partnered with AMA (WA)?

We've partnered with AMA (WA) to make it as easy as possible for members to access the necessary supplies. The more avenues we can provide, the easier it will be for members to get a hold of these important health and well-being products.

We take a member first approach in all that we do, and that includes finding helpful ways to assist our members in navigating their well-being with great partners like the AMA (WA).

Is the discount available nationwide?

Yes. The exclusive discount applies for all HIF members across Australia. The products can be purchased via the AMA (WA) website and are shipped nationally. 


Need help choosing health insurance cover?

Relax, we're here to help. If you require assistance at any stage in the process get in touch with us. 

Our contact centre is open Monday to Friday 6:00am to 5:00pm (WST).

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