Dental Benefits

"SmartTeeth" - private dental cover to smile about. 

SmartTeeth is a unique benefits program that sets our private dental insurance cover apart. 
It’s brilliant. A gem of an idea. And we’re not being big-headed when we say that because it was inspired by our members. They asked us for private dental insurance cover that rewards proactive dental care and provides higher rebates for the most popular services. So that’s what we did.

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All part of our private dental insurance cover.

Firstly, let us just clarify that SmartTeeth isn’t an add-on. It’s a standard part of our Saver Options, Special Options, Super Options and Premium Options cover, designed to encourage and reward regular maintenance of your teeth. Added value, but no added cost. So, no matter which Extras option you choose, you can enjoy rebates of up to 100% for the most popular dental services, like examinations, remineralisation, plaque and calculus removal, and even dentist-fitted sports mouthguards.

How will my SmartTeeth rebate be calculated?

With SmartTeeth, we pay a percentage of the dentist's fee, up to a set maximum benefit for each item or service. For example, with our Premium Options Extras cover, you get: (up to a set maximum benefit per item):

  • Top 24 general dental services: 80% to 100% of the fee
  • All other general dental services: 70% of the fee
  • All other (e.g. Major) dental services: 60% of the fee
* Benefits may be limited where potential rebates exceed dental service sub-limits or annual limit. Please contact us for more details on these services.

So good, even dentists are smiling.

SmartTeeth must be good because we’re the only health fund with a written endorsement from the Australian Dental Association of Western Australia (ADAWA). And talking of dentists, we don’t restrict you to ‘contracted suppliers’ like some of the other big private health funds do. So, as long as your  preferred dentist is legally qualified to practise in Australia (and that's recognised by HIF), you’re free to see whichever one you want.



Are you an ADA Member?

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