Lifetime Health Cover loading (LHC).

The Federal Government introduced the Lifetime Health Cover loading to encourage Australians to take out private hospital cover at a younger age.

Basically, it recognises the length of time you’ve had private health insurance and rewards that loyalty by offering lower premiums – so the earlier you take out health cover, the cheaper your premiums. 

Does everyone have to pay LHC loading?

No, there are some situations where you won't have to incur the loading. These include if you:

  • Had hospital cover on 1 July 2000 and have maintained it since then; or
  • Were born on or before 1 July 1934.

How is the loading applied?

For every year over the age of 30 that you don’t have private hospital cover, a 2% loading is applied to the cost of your insurance (and increases each year until it reaches 70%). For example, a single 37 year old would pay 14% LHC loading - so it really pays to take out private hospital cover now.  

For couples and families however, your loading is initially calculated based on your respective dates of birth and then halved. For example, a couple aged 33 and 36 years would generated a combined loading of 18% initially (6% + 12%), so the final loading that is applied to their joint policy is 9%.

If you find that you will  incur a loading, you will be required to pay this on top of the base premium that you're initially quoted for your hospital cover.  If you decide to join HIF online, your loading will automatically be applied to the quoted amount once you enter your date of birth. Get a quote now

What if I'm already over 31?

If you’re over 31, it still makes sense to take out hospital cover. And remember, the sooner you join, the smaller the loading you will pay. And - once you've held continuous private hospital cover for 10 years, your loading will be removed (as per the Private Health Insurance Act 2007)

Still unsure about LHC? Don't worry, just get in touch.

We know that LHC loading can be complicated due to different circumstances, such as adding a partner, previous covers and being overseas. Call our friendly team on 1300 13 40 60 or email us if you have any questions relating to LHC loading. Alternatively, just get an online quote now to see how much loading you may (or may not) incur.

Use this table to see how you may be effected by LHC:

Your age on 1 July prior
to taking out hospital cover
Lifetime Health Cover Loading
30 0%
31 2%
32 4%
33 6%
34 8%
35 10%
36 12%
37 14%
38 16%
39 18%
40 20%
41 22%
42 24%
43 26%
44 28%
45 30%
46 32%
47 34%
Your age on 1 July prior
to taking out hospital cover
Lifetime Health Cover Loading
48 36%
49 38%
50 40%
51 42%
52 44%
53 46%
54 48%
55 50%
56 52%
57 54%
58 56%
59 58%
60 60%
61 62%
62 64%
63 66%
64 68%
65+ 70%

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