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Any health fund can talk up their so-called ‘affordable health insurance’. At HIF, we prefer to let our private health cover policies speak for themselves. So, go on, take a look at our Hospital options and compare us. Learn about our low-cost Extras cover, then look at the competition. We’ll happily take the taste test with any of the other health funds across Australia.

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 HIF special offers

Special Offers

Here at HIF, we're always striving to make our health cover options the most affordable in Australia - but do we think that's enough? Not a chance. We want our members to get as much value from their health cover as possible so if you're thinking of joining us too, check out our current special offers below and start saving today.

Tax Time Myths Busted

Confused by all the private health insurance 'tax time' adverts on air at the moment? Don't panic, we're here to help and we promise to explain it in plain simple English (no jargon here!)

Rebate Information

Since 1 July 2012, the Federal Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance is now means-tested.

In addition, the Medicare Levy Surcharge also increases progressively based on annual income levels. This means high income earners could potentially be taxed up to the maximum of 3% of their income if they don't have private hospital cover. But don't fear, the table below will help you to work out which tier applies to you and how much rebate you can claim.


Private health insurance FAQs

We know first-hand just how confusing private health insurance can be. But that’s why we’re here – to make everything as simple (and affordable) as possible. So, if you can’t find the answer to your question on our website or in our health insurance brochure, don’t fret. Here’s our private health insurance FAQs for your perusal and peace of mind.

Forms and Brochures

Looking for a brochure or form? No problem, you'll find everything you need right here

How to Claim

Making a health insurance claim at HIF is as easy as falling off a log (only far less painful). In fact, the toughest bit is choosing from our host of convenient ways to make your claim – via our SmartClaim mobile app, by email, by fax or instantly with eClaiming for Extras services. In any case, it’s quick and easy. You’ll have your rebate in no time (and we offer some of the most competitive benefits in Australia).

Glossary of Terms

Use our interactive glossary to browse the various words and phrases you're likely to encounter when researching private health insurance.

Switch to HIF

We’ll take care of all the paperwork for you and we’ll even take your previous membership into account when you become an HIF member. That means, if you’re switching to us with a similar level of cover, you won’t have to serve new waiting periods.

Please note: We encourage you to fully read and retain all HIF information relating to your HIF membership benefits and conditions.