Need Overseas Visitors Health Cover, pronto?

Too easy! Just jump online to find the policy that best suits your needs and budget, then join on the spot. Even better, once you've joined us, you'll automatically receive your Visa Compliance Letter by email for immigration purposes.

What about everyday services like dental and optical?

If you would also like to be covered for other common services like dental, optical, physio, chiro, remedial massage, gym memberships, weight loss programs, cancer screenings and more, you also have the option to add one of our popular Extras Cover options to your overseas visitors health insurance policy.

Frequently asked questions about HIF Overseas Visitors Cover.

Check out the articles below for more information on Medicare eligibility, visa compliance letters, and why purchasing HIF Working Visa Health Cover is a smart idea. 

Important, please note: 

In addition to the exclusions listed in the table above, there's a few other situations where you won't be covered by HIF: 

  • When a claim for any form of compensation or damages can or will be made
  • Services where benefits are claimable from another source
  • Travelling to and from Australia
  • When services are provided outside Australia
  • When services you’re claiming for are not covered by Medicare for Australian residents
  • Services are not covered by Medicare (e.g. health screening insurance examinations and services that do not have a Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)