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Did you know that urgent ambulance transport could cost you more than $1000 if you don’t have ambulance cover? Most other health funds charge extra fees for ambulance cover and we think that’s unfair. That’s why, with any level of HIF Extras cover, you are 100% covered for emergency ambulance at no extra cost!


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*The daily pricing above is based on a single policy in Western Australia (WA) and is paid by direct debit on an annual basis after deducting a 25.059% Australian Government Rebate on private health insurance and a 4% annual discount. Depending on your current household income, the rebate you can claim may be reduced. This pricing is correct as of 1 October 2020. Prices may vary for other Australian states and territories.

**Please read carefully and in conjuction with product factsheets


Get peace of mind with Ambulance cover

We hope you never need to ride in an ambulance. But the chances are that you (or someone you love) could need an ambulance sometime soon. In 2016-17, St John Ambulance reported more than 200,000 people in WA alone required their services - an average of 547 ambulance trips every day!

Worried about the cost of an ambulance ride? Get peace of mind - get a quote for our very affordable range of Extras Cover today.

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Understanding emergency ambulance costs around Australia 

Each state in Australia has different arrangements and subsidies for ambulance transport. In some states, ambulance cover is subsidised or free for pensioners and low-income earners. In Queensland and Tasmania, the state governments cover the cost of ambulance services for all residents. People who hold a Department of Veteran’s Affairs health card may be eligible for free ambulance cover in all states of Australia – check with the DVA to find out more.

We have put together a quick summary of ambulance arrangements and average costs for each state, but make sure you check with the relevant government body in your state to confirm if you are eligible. 

Western Australia (WA)

If you’re an aged pensioner in Western Australia, you may be entitled to free ambulance cover. Aged pensioners who meet certain criteria may be eligible for free ambulance cover and some senior citizens may be entitled to a 50% discount off the regular price of ambulance services. We recommend speaking to St John Ambulance to find out if any subsidies apply. If you’re not a pensioner or low-income earner however, we recommend taking out ambulance cover.

Ambulance costs in WA

Ambulance transport for an emergency in WA costs more than $900.

South Australia (SA)

There are no subsidies or discounts for ambulance cover in South Australia so taking out ambulance cover is highly recommended.

Ambulance costs in SA

Ambulance costs are high in SA – there is a fee of more than $900 with an additional cost of $5.60 for every kilometre travelled.

Victoria (VIC)

In Victoria, people with Pensioner Concession Cards and Healthcare Cards may be entitled to free ambulance services. If you don’t have either of these concession cards, private ambulance cover is recommended.

Ambulance costs in VIC

Victoria has some the highest ambulance costs – emergency transport in metropolitan areas costs more than $1200 while in regional areas you could be charged more than $1800.

New South Wales (NSW)

In NSW you may be eligible for free ambulance transport if you have a health care concession card, pensioner concession card or senior’s health card. If you don’t hold an eligible concession card, we recommend getting private ambulance cover.

Ambulance costs in NSW

In NSW, an emergency ambulance trip will cost $382 then an additional $3.44 per kilometre.

Australia Capital Territory (ACT)

Health Care Card and Pensioner Concession cart holders in the ACT may be entitled to free ambulance services in emergencies.

Ambulance costs in the ACT

In the ACT, an emergency ambulance will cost more than $900, with additional charges per kilometre travelled outside the ACT.

Northern Territory (NT)

In the NT, Pensioner Concession card and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders may qualify for free ambulance services. Anyone else who uses an ambulance will incur out of pocket expenses, so we recommend taking out Ambulance Cover if you live in the NT.

Ambulance costs in the NT

With a per kilometre charge, an ambulance ride in the Territory could get expensive if you are a long way from the hospital. Emergency ambulance transport costs more than $700 with a $5.10 per km charge on top.

Queensland (QLD)

In Queensland the state government subsidises the cost of ambulance cover. If you are a resident of QLD, you don’t need ambulance cover but it’s still worth a look at our Extras Cover to get cover for services like dental and optical.

Tasmania (TAS)

Congratulations Tassie, you’re one of the lucky ones - ambulance services (used within TAS) are covered by the Tasmanian state government. If you’re in need of other services like dental and optical though, why not consider one of our great value Extras cover options?