HIF ambulance cover explained.

The great news about our affordable ambulance cover is that it doesn’t matter whether you choose our Saver, Special, Super or Premium Options Extras Cover, the benefits for emergency ambulance call-outs are exactly the same - 100%! So if you do need an ambulance in the future, you can rest easy in that knowledge that you’ll be fully covered  in most circumstances. The only time you may be required to contribute is if the call-out is classified as “non-urgent”, in which case a $50 co-payment will apply.

Ready to get a quote? Our popular Saver Options Extras cover starts from a tiny 77 cents a day* and covers ambulance transport, plus 22 other commonly used services including general dental, optical, physio, chiro, healthy lifestyle services and pharmacy. In fact, the annual cost for a single Saver Options policy starts from just $281.40 - so in relative terms, that’s hundreds of dollars less than the average cost of an ambulance ride. And the annual cost for a family policy is only $562.80 – that’s still around half the price of an ambulance assist and means you’ll also be covered for all those other services too.

What about HIF's basic 'Vital Options' Extras policy? 

The benefits payable on Vital Options work a little differently to our four main Extras Cover choices, paying back a simple 50% on all covered services (including emergency ambulance) until you reach your combined annual limit of $800 per person per year. View our complete Extras Cover Comparison Table for full details.

Member Feedback About HIF Ambulance Cover.

"The other day I required an ambulance who had to rush me to the Royal Perth emergency department. I just received my bill of $916! As you can imagine, I nearly fell off my seat to think that a service that took a whole of about 30 minutes could cost so much. Luckily I have ambulance cover with HIF and was advised that because the bill was for an "emergency service" I was able to claim the full cost. I'm so very happy that I didn't need to pay one cent of the bill. I can sleep at ease tonight. Thank you HIF, love your work." - Meredith (see review)

Understanding ambulance cover arrangements across Australia.

It’s important to understand that in the unfortunate event you require emergency ambulance transport, Medicare won’t cover the cost. However, some state governments do subsidise ambulance services, and some pensioners and low income earners may also be entitled to free ambulance assistance.


  • ACT, NSW & WA: If you’re a pensioner or a low income earner, you may be entitled to free ambulance cover. For everyone else, we strongly recommend purchasing a health insurance policy that includes ambulance transport.
  • NT, SA & VIC: No subsidies or discounts apply in any of these states, so having ambulance cover is recommended if you want total peace of mind in case the worst should happen.
  • QLD & TAS: Congratulations Queensland and Tassie, you’re the lucky ones! Ambulance services (used within QLD or TAS respectively) are covered by your state governments. 

Please note:
  • Benefits are paid on charges raised for approved ambulance services. 
  • A 2 month waiting period applies.
  • HIF covers 100% of the cost of emergency ambulance transport for cases classified by St John Ambulance as requiring urgent attention and the patient is admitted to the emergency department of a hospital. 
  • Benefits are not payable for:
    • inter-hospital transportation except for inter-hospital transfers relating to an emergency or new illness where approved on a case by case basis by HIF
    • transportation from a hospital to your home, nursing home or other hospital, or for transportation for ongoing medical treatment
    • for off road or air ambulance.

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