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Use the panels below to learn more about commonly used inpatient services.

Please note: In addition to the exclusions listed in the table above, there's a few other situations where you won't be covered by HIF:
  • Occasions when you’re not admitted to hospital as an inpatient, instead receiving outpatient treatment for services like GP visits and specialist consultations. In those instances, you will only be able to claim a benefit from Medicare.
  • When you receive treatment during a period where your HIF policy is currently suspended, classified as unfinancial (e.g. not paid up-to-date), or has been cancelled. 
  • Any hospital treatment, service, device or circumstances where Medicare or the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) doesn’t pay a benefit. This includes in-hospital services such as experimental treatment and/or procedures, prostheses and technologies.
  • Any charges raised by a non-agreement or public hospital which are not covered, or are above the benefit that HIF pays. 
  • Any charges raised for treatment administered by a provider that’s not recognised by HIF. 
  • Any cosmetic service for which Medicare will not pay a benefit (e.g. cosmetic surgery which is not clinically necessary). 
  • Any personal expenses not covered by your HIF policy such as newspapers, phone calls, internet access, pay TV or meals ordered for visitors. 
  • Any inpatient pharmacy benefits for non-intrinsic or discharge drugs. Benefits may be restricted or may not apply to experimental or high-cost drugs or drugs that aren’t approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). 
  • If you’re admitted to hospital for more than 35 days and you’ve been classified as a ‘nursing home type’ patient. In these situations, patients may receive minimum benefits but will need to personally contribute towards the remaining costs associated with their stay. 
  • For Respite Care. 
  • Where compensation, damages or benefits for medical treatment can or have been claimed from a third party; such as workers compensation, public liability sources, your employer or any other insurance policy. 
  • For any hospital service or medical treatment provided outside Australia. 

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