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Welcome to the first SmartHealth for 2017! As usual, you'll find this newsletter packed with great articles, health and finance tips, plus a tasty new recipe that's a perfect lunch option for school, uni or the office. Download SmartHealth now to find out more.

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As an alternative to receiving your copy of SmartHealth in the mail, download a PDF version.  It's another practical way for HIF members to assist in reducing carbon emissions and make a positive contribution to our environment. HIF is Australia's first and only certified carbon neutral health fund.

Here's what you'll find in this edition of SmartHealth:

Multi-award Winning Health Cover.
Did you know HIF won five of the industry acclaimed CANSTAR awards confirming that we offer great value for money. Explore SmartHealth to learn more.
  Your 2017 Premium Increase Guide.
Download SmartHealth now to compare health insurance premium increases from 2010-17. Plus we help you lock in your current premium for another year.
Why Have Private Health Insurance?
It's easy to forget the basic benefits of your private health insurance, so here's some key reasons why having HIF health cover is a smart choice. Find out more
  How to Get Financially Fit in 2017.
Did you know that one in four Australians are worried about money? Check out the latest edition of SmartHealth for some expert tips to try this year.
A Note from our Managing Director.
With this year's annual premium increase approaching, our MD Graeme Gibson shares his personal advice on how to review and compare your specific cover details. Learn more
  Back to School Lunchbox Recipe.
Here's a quick and easy "Crunchy Chicken Noodle" recipe. Perfect for the kid's school lunchbox. This super tasty lunch will be enjoyed by all. Download SmartHealth for full recipe details.