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In this end-of-year wrap up edition, we bring to you all the exciting activities and member benefits that HIF has been working on this year, as well as some tips and inspiration for the summer months.

  • Our year in review. It’s been an exciting year at HIF. Our fund continues to grow and evolve to ensure we can provide you the high quality product and service you deserve.

  • Launched new Mobile App. Introduced digital HIF member card for Android and the option to save your membership card in the App. Members can now view their Extras limits on Online Member Centre (OMC) or the HIF App.

  • COVID-19 support. COVID-19 relief support cost HIF close to $9 million in total. More details about our COVID-19 support payment can be found here.

  • HIF is now offering members access to Kieser Centres. HIF is now paying benefits on Kieser’s Hip Osteoarthritis Program, Knee Osteoarthritis Program and Spinal Programs. More details here

  • HIF provides access to Valion. To support our members who are fighting cancer, HIF is now providing access to Valion’s virtual cancer support program that help participants maintain physical wellness and manage side effects after cancer treatment. The digital programs are designed to help people navigate the healthcare system after treatment and provide ongoing wellness advice from the comfort of their own home.

  • HIF + Oska Wellness. HIF have recently partnered with Oska Wellness to lock in a 10% discount for members when purchasing an Oska Pulse device.

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