Which health programs and memberships are covered?

Our 'Healthy Lifestyle Benefits' category gives you a set amount each year to put towards any of the following programs, memberships or assessments. Essentially, you can claim a benefit to help you stay healthy – and it's entirely up to you how you choose to spend your benefit.

Gym bunnies, rejoice! You can claim a Healthy Lifestyle Benefit on your gym membership as long as your gym is approved by HIF and you provide evidence that the membership forms part of a personal health management plan. To do so, please ask your referring GP or a medical practitioner to complete our Health Management Form and return a copy to us along with your gym membership invoice and a completed HIF Extras Claim Form

Manage your weight, your way. You can put your Healthy Lifestyle Benefit towards any of the following weight management programs. To lodge a claim, simply ask your referring GP or a medicial practitioner to complete our Health Management Form, then return a copy to us along with your relevant invoice(s) and a completed HIF Extras Claim Form.     

Please note: Benefits cannot be claimed on optional materials such as shakers or foodstuffs; weight-loss programs when undertaken in person; or online program purchases, with the exception of Michelle Bridges 12 WBT and Susie Burrell’s Shape Me

Exercise physiologists are covered too. You can claim a Healthy Lifestyle Benefit on any qualified exercise physiologist who holds a Medicare provider number.

Slip, slop, slap... skin cancer screening. We can pay a benefit on any HIF-approved Skin Cancer Screening provider in instances where a Medicare benefit doesn't apply. Please contact us to find out if your screening provider is eligible for benefits.

Ready to quit smoking? If you'd like to take advantage of the Cancer Council's Quit Smoking Plan or Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking, you can choose to claim your Healthy Lifestyle Benefit on either program.

Already have HIF Extras cover? Great, you can claim today.

  • First, download our Health Management Form
  • Fill in the bit at the top yourself
  • Ask your GP or Medical Practitioner (physio, exercise physiologist, chiro, ect) to complete the rest
  • Then, simply make your Extras claim (including your completed form). Just send us your paid tax invoice with a completed HIF claim form and your supporting health management program form. You can claim by any of these methods

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