Does HIF cover same-sex couples?

Yes. We cover all types of couples and families, and we were the first private health fund to add its corporate voice to the Australian Marriage Equality campaign. If you'd like to chat to one of our consultants about joining HIF, or you'd like to add your partner to your existing policy, please send us an email or call 1300 134 060.

What about people who are transgender or non-binary gender?
HIF has covered same-sex couples for decades and we of course welcome members who are transgender or non-binary gender. To ensure the needs of our non-binary gender members are met, our system allows for a third option in the gender category which can be left blank if required; and for transgender people, we are happy to cover those customers based on their gender identity. After all, our members’ happiness and wellbeing is our number one priority at all times. If transgender customers also wish to update their name on their HIF membership, we can do that as soon as legal proof of their name change is supplied (e.g. an updated driver’s license showing that Mr John Smith is now Ms Joan Smith). And in terms of our insurance itself, we can pay benefits on Gender Affirmation Surgery for members who hold an appropriate level of private hospital insurance. More information on that is available here.

Member Review: “I needed to call up HIF and add my partner to my membership. I doubt that someone in a heterosexual relationship has ever thought twice about something so simple, but it can still be a big deal for some organisations to do this. In turn this simple task turns into something where, when you are in a same-sex relationship, you need to take a deep breath and brace for what might come on the other end of the phone. With HIF it was the easiest and most non-event that I have ever experienced. Exactly like it should be. It is great that more and more organisations are choosing from their own free will to be on the right side of history despite what may happen to their customer base.” - D Caines from NSW

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    Video Testimonial: In this quick clip, HIF members Kate & Laura discuss the importance of being with a health insurer that shares the same values as them. 👩‍❤️‍👩

    Former HIF Executive Manager, Anne Humphrey, discusses our same-sex couples cover with Everyday Health TV

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