Are mouthguards covered?

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Absolutely! We understand that mouthguards (while participating in sport) are vitally important in helping to prevent dental injuries. This is why we include "Dentist-fitted sports mouthguards" on all our levels of Extras Cover, provided they're billed as item number #151 by your dentist. In this case, we'll happily pay 100% of your dentist's fee up to our set maximum benefit - which is $116.25.

For example, if your dentist charges $110, HIF will cover the entire fee; or if your dentist charges $120, your eligible rebate from us would be $116.25. That's an out of pocket expense of only $3.75.

If you need to claim for a second mouth guard within the same calendar year, our set maximum benefit for this item number would be $93.00.

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