Which dentists can I use with HIF?

You can visit whichever dentist you like! At HIF, we pride ourselves on maximising your choices, so unlike some other health funds that pay lower rebates if you don’t use one of their “contracted" or "participating" dentists, at HIF you’re free to visit any dentist in Australia. In fact, any hospital, doctor or Extras provider in Australia. It's just one of the reasons we're the only Australian health fund with a written commendation from the Australian Dental Association of WA.

What's the catch? 
There isn't one. Our only requirement (for legal reasons) is that HIF members must use healthcare providers who are legally qualified to practise in Australia, and are therefore considered 'approved' by HIF. So as long as your chosen doctor, dentist, optician, physiotherapist, chiropractor or other type of healthcare provider is HIF-approved, you're free to use whichever one you want.

How do I know if my chosen provider is approved by HIF? 
Don't worry, it's easy to find out - just contact us for confirmation prior to undergoing any treatment. 

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