Can I buy my glasses and contacts online and still claim with HIF?

Absolutely! We love making life easier for our members, so you can now buy prescription lenses, frames, contact lenses and prescription sunglasses at potentially lower prices through the following online retail outlets. Rest assured that you'll still receive the maximum benefit available on your current level of Extras cover too.

If you'd like to purchase optical items from a particular Australian online retailer but they're not listed above you, don't worry - just get in touch and we'll contact them to discuss partnership options.

Please note: HIF cannot pay benefits on optical items purchased from overseas - find out more.


Please note: The discounts listed above do not indicate any preference or priority of provider or traditional store based versus internet based providers. Unlike some other funds, HIF fully supports the principle that members receive the same benefit no matter which provider or service delivery method is chosen. Only HIF members who hold an Extras product are eligible for these discounts.
* Both offers from OPSM exclude Chanel and Maui Jim products.  
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