Can I claim for Orthotics?

A benefit for Orthotics can be claimed if you hold HIF Super or Premium Options Extras cover. It’s important to note that a 12 month waiting period does apply for orthotics services (unless you're transferring to HIF on an equivalent level of cover, then you won't need to re-serve any waiting periods already served with your previous fund for those services for which you were already covered).

Claimable Benefits

  • Super Options: 75% of the cost up to a limit of $200 
  • Premium Options: 75% of the cost up to a limit of $240 

Limit per person: 1 every 2 years from date of supply or each calendar year if the member or dependent has physically outgrown the orthotics

Important please note:

  • A registered podiatrist, orthotics provider or surgical boot maker must supply the orthotics.  
  • HIF does not approve a benefit for orthotics which has been prescribed by a physiotherapist.
  • Benefits are not available for orthotics which are not specifically modified and fitted for the individual member’s condition.
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