Do HIF invest in any fossil fuel companies?

HIF doesn’t have any direct investments with fossil fuel companies, however as we invest in a number of fully diversified unit trusts, there may be some minor investments in fossil fuels within these. We believe our exposure is low, however our investment committee do take any concerns into consideration along with concerns about the many other industries that are detrimental to health and the environment.

In terms of how we run our business, our office is centrally located to encourage staff to use public transport. Additionally we have cycling and shower facilities to encourage our staff to ride to work. We don’t have a fleet of vehicles and our one and only building was designed and built to NABERS 4 star standards.

Our business is largely paperless and our internal processes are all electronic and produce very little waste. We encourage our members to accept electronic communications and we encourage staff to recycle their waste.

As a not-for-profit health fund, we aim to minimise costs and maximise returns to our members, while taking our social responsibility and environmental commitments seriously. That’s why currently, HIF remains the first and only certified NOC02 health fund in Australia.

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