When should I add my baby to my policy?

Firstly, congratulations on your new addition to the family! And to answer your question, the process for adding a baby to a membership depends on the type of policy held with HIF. 

If you already hold a family membership with us, then you have up to four years from bub’s date of birth or adoption to add them to your policy. There’s no additional charge to add a child to a family policy, and there’s no limit to the number of legal dependents that can be included on a family policy.

If you currently hold a single/couples membership, you have up to two months from your baby’s date of birth to upgrade your cover to a family policy (and pay the applicable family policy rate), then you can add bub to your membership too. By doing so within two months, your little one will be covered from birth and he/she will inherit your waiting period status. 

To add your baby to your membership, simply complete a Variation Form and email it to hello@hif.com.au. A letter will be sent to your preferred method of communication to confirm when this request has been actioned.

Important, please note: HIF GoldVital Hospital Cover is only available to singles and couples so if you currently hold a GoldVital policy and you’d like to add your baby to your membership, please upgrade to a family policy with GoldStarter Hospital inclusive. You can request a policy upgrade by calling 1300 13 40 60 or by sending a completed Membership Variation Form to hello@hif.com.au.  NB: For your baby to inherit your waiting period status your upgrade and the associated premium will need to be effected as of your baby’s date of birth and some waiting periods may apply to your hospital cover upgrade, please contact us for detailed information specific to your membership.  

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