Can I add Extras cover to my Overseas Visitors policy?

Absolutely! Combining HIF Extras cover (also known as ‘ancillary’ or 'auxiliary') with one of our Visitors Cover options is the best way to ensure complete peace of mind for you and your family while you’re in Australia.

Extras insurance is used to cover services out of hospital that are generally not provided under Medicare, such as ambulance, chiropractic, complementary therapies, dental treatment, dietetics, glasses and contact lenses, healthy lifestyle services, occupational therapy, osteopathy, pharmaceuticals, psychological consultations, physiotherapy, podiatry visits and speech therapy. 

To find out more, visit our Extras Cover Options page.

Alternatively, if you're already an HIF member and would like to add Extras Cover to your membership; simply complete our Member Variation Form and email a copy to

Once your request has been actioned, a letter will be sent to your preferred method of communication (post or email).

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