How do I change from visitors cover to a domestic policy?

If you’ve recently become an Australian permanent resident, congratulations! You are now eligible for full Medicare benefits within Australia.

This means you can now change your Visitors Cover policy to a domestic health insurance product and potentially save some money too, thanks to a Federal Government rebate and potential tax savings as well. We have five great value private hospital cover options to choose from and the best place to start from is our hospital cover comparison table, so you can work out which cover will best suit your needs and budget.

Upon changing your level of cover, you will need to provide HIF with your Medicare details by completing a Federal Government Rebate application form. You will also need to obtain a "Medicare Eligibility Letter" from Medicare; this is to ensure you are not charged any Lifetime Health Cover Loading.

To lodge this request, simply complete and return a Variation Form online and email a copy to along with your Medicare Eligibility Letter and your Federal Government Rebate form.

If you don’t already hold an Extras insurance product too, we can help you with that as well. Extras is always a smart choice as it covers you for ambulance transport, dentistry, optical items, physiotherapy, gym memberships and more. Check out our extras comparison table to find out more.

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